A lot of bugs and boring battles – the first reviews of Warhammer 40000: Rogue Trader appeared

The day before the release of the role -playing game Warhammer 40000: Rogue Trader, the first reviews began to appear on the Web and not everything is as good as we would like.

The game, in general, turned out excellent, but a lot of flaws and a huge number of bugs. The authors recommend waiting for patches, but whether they can correct boring tactical battles big question. According to the author from PC Gamer (the final rating of 56 out of 100 points) in the game there are a lot of monotonous and boring battles, which simply cannot offer anything interesting in tactically. And many other journalists agree with this. But almost everyone notes an exciting plot and colorful satellites.

So the game has every chance of becoming one of the best representatives of the CRPG genre, but after the developers eliminate all the shortcomings. There were also those who were happy to go through the game despite all the voiced problems.

The release of Warhammer 40000: Rogue Trader will take place on December 7 on PC, Mac, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

Well, Sovokota has many bugs in each game, which they then rule in patches. I still want to play.=)

So it will be more correct 🙂

Well, they themselves chose one of the most problematic engines 🙂

Yes, it will be more correct)))))

Yeah, because the people of Pathfinder Kingmaker called Bugfinder Pathcamaker xD

Critical bugs I think will quickly fix it on NG and you can play. I don’t want to take risks now

Well "A lot of bugs" – Nobody doubted it, this is Sovokota, the author’s style, the director’s reading, so to speak)

And about "boring battles" – maybe the author from PC Gamer to the CRPG step by step is not able to just?

The kids have in the balde from step by step and cubes of the picanes torn.

In the RD, it seems they didn’t really complain about it.

The authors with PC Gamer are completely clowns, and Mortismala is enough for a preview – he sucked him well, and even about those part did not silent, which is better than their past projects on the release

So that and without bugs?do not make me laugh

Even bugs were not embarrassed by the magazine*Lih when they put nine and dozens of Howard

Well, a lot of bugs and boring battles are okay (classic of the genre). I am more interested in the plot, the opening of the household side of the Warhammer 40,000 and what will the election of the free merchant will lead. Otherwise watch and listen to the overcoming of the Imperium already gets a little.

Well, they know how to the plot, their last game is confirmed

you can succumb to chaos and then be judged by your affairs

Well, I was convinced by beta and alpha test. The main thing is that the rest of the chapters retain such a plot quality.

I know that. But the areas of the chaos are many indivisible and dedication to one specific god of chaos. Still, it will be cool if you can choose which god to surrender.

Oh, the great soup welded!

Oh, chic soup welded!

Eat soup! Hot soup!

Bugs at the jackets. ah ha ha ha, God stop. What are the revelations further? Water is wet, or hot fire? The news is simple "Bomb-gun"! (No)

I will say in defense of the nosocotes that the mechanics that they implemented in the game are their own brainchild, the attitude to the original hunchief, it has a very indirect.

Yes, nothing needs to be said there, Mortismal tells the author of the post that the author of the post has piled up, and he has norms of reputation in the CRPG community due to meticulousness at least

Why do I need a video with English reasoning on the RU-Site?

At the site of the company’s management, I would hire another game designer, because from time to time the same rake – this is a complete ignoring the opinion of not so much fans, of which a small percentage, but ordinary users who are scared away by a huge number of battles of the same type of battles. Take an example from Divinity 1.2 and BG3.

This is a deliberate jamb – they drag out the passage.

The balance is also all up? I still remember those trolls with 40 attacks and protection in the first act of Patfinder.

Why is it all right away? Normal balance against the trolls use the fire and acid and the characteristics of the attack and defense will go through the same games with the DND system. Each creature has its own weaknesses

The game should comfortably be held by a newcomer or a rolepny man on an average, and quarrels on hardcore. But in this case, using the most imob build from Internet guides, I had to break, catching the Crete.
But okay, overcripted characteristics are not critical. It is much worse if you suddenly, without any warning, meet a mob that will not go into your pati. Pedal to the floor, if during the quest you cannot return to the camp

Yeah, suddenly and without any warning – there, through the boot screen, the hint over the entire screen climbs OOM, which must be either with fire or acid.

For beginners – suddenly – there are several light levels of complexity. Why should this be an average level of complexity for them?

I’m not talking about trolls. There literally every dungeon is clean. You don’t know what level the enemy will come out, and whether you can fill it up with a weapon that you have. Yes, and the numbers are twisted: GG mag had to throw 15 to break through the bandits on the middle.
And about difficulty. You didn’t think why everything was installed that way? Because people, excluding the plot, are unpleasant to play at light. Because the easy in all normal games is the complexity, to which the weaklings are reduced, stuck on the middle. And then literally everyone passes through this humiliation.
Well, it is logical that many drops, preventing the game from opening up. And from that the game and the studio itself remained nounams in the unpopular genre. Although I expected a masterpiece when I saw the time of time and the possibility of wagging during training.
P.S. Well, Unity. Constant flights. Friezes. Graphone is such that isometric does not save.

That’s just Unity has nothing to do with. For example, I have been working for Unity for years, all the rules.

It will be interesting at least there will be a voice acting or as in the PasFainder – 3 minutes and all

Xs, I chased Beto, and I liked the battles, well, at least did not strangle the difference. And the plot is peppy in the beta. But I will not buy, both of them took their previous games in Steam on release without discounts, but for their attitude this time I will refrain to support them with a ruble.

I only switched in the bosses in Pati by step, and they swept away the garbage anyway (at least until the end of the game)

So I did it too, I still strangled.

Pfff. Well, damn it, opened America. So that the game from the spells is without bugs and tons of patches, this is of course from the field of science fiction. I personally played in alpha and beta and saw many bugs, maybe new ones brought it down, but I have a bulb for it. I did not interfere with the same wrath of the righteous to go through the same wrath of the righteous, because I did not stumble on many of them. I am sure that everything will be ok, and again, I personally are interested in the plot of the game. Since it was interesting to play in Alpha and Bete. I really hope that the description of skills in the game was translated, as I would like to understand better what is written there? Otherwise, maybe I missed good opportunities for the fight. Well, and so, grenades in this game are of course the same mast-HaV. In the sense that everything is killed and all, if it is good to play them. I even remember, I offered them like, noderf a little. And some bosses in alpha – too. For there are some, well, the wild is that they do in their move and what damage is caused.

Who would doubt that!

I really liked 1 Pathfinder (for me minus – only the emphasis on the kingdom, and not on the prolongation).
But in Beta Rogue Trader – it was very boring and stuffy. A lot of slurred and boring mechanic – including battles, including. Although for the sake of the atmosphere Warhammer 40k I will try again.

For me, the most difficult thing is to read dialogs of technological devices)

About boring battles, let not pro @s@t

well, who was there as it was, it is impossible to play in the second half at all, the game stupidly forgets your elections

Well, so you understand

It’s funny, some commentators positioned the game as "Our answer to their Baldur"

Commentators from Cyprus or something?

The real minus of the game is like for me – step by step in force, after the trace, step by step in the game on the same engine does not look cool

But I so wanted high -quality RPG by wahe. Apparently not this time ((

This time, just play after a year, this studio always has a lot of bugs on the release.

In the sense not this time? This is another masterpiece from Sovokotov. Will be when the bugs are corrected, by itself. But the plot and everything else that does not apply to those parts is already praised. He played the last Pathfinder a month after the release and there were practically no problems, and in this, at least they say so, there are fewer problems than in all relic versions of previous Games from Sovokota, which is already an indicator. In a month or two with a calm soul you can roll

Bags are also in a sulfight, if you play for the heretic, the game after the 3rd chapter generally puts on your elections and everything that is connected with this branch is broken by nafig

It looks like they moved all the disadvantages from the patio.

It seems that they are not so evolving, by 3 games in total. Unlike other developers with a bunch of dough.

One question there is a graph and animation is the same "ah*is sore" As in Pathfinder?