The Japanese tester released the first details of the remake of Resident Evil Code: Veronica

There is practically no doubt that the next renewed edition will receive a cult horror Resident Evil Code: Veronica. Not so long ago, the producer of the Masachika Kavat series hinted at the remake of this part, and today more specific information about the upcoming game has appeared. The Japanese Capcom tester revealed some details of the remake of Resident Evil Code: Veronica, confirming the previously appeared rumors.

The leakage author noted that he is currently working in the debugging and checking all Capcom games developed. Recently, his team got an early assembly of the updated version of Resident Evil Code: Veronica. The project in general terms resembles the previous remakes of the series. He managed to try out a small demo version of the game, where new mechanics and opportunities for passing were presented.

According to the tester, the remake of Resident Evil Code: Veronica is a story about Claire Redfield on the island of Rockfort, which unfolds with a third-person view and is very saturated with action scenes. In his message, he provided the following plot and gameplay details of the game:

The game begins with a prologue in which Claire recalls Rakkun City, we see an explosion. Claire is looking for his brother, and we begin with a leisurely training unit in the corporation building "Umbrella". The player is managed by Claire while she walks through the offices, and when she runs away from the guards, she is grabbed and sent to the Rockford prison.

The prison is huge, it has many cameras and security rooms. When a new character, Ricardo, frees her, she encounters some military in a black suit, but he is killed by fragments from the explosion. They attack the island, and the main character manages to flee, but at the very end of the prison part she meets in the Steve chamber, who asks her to release him. Claire hesitates, but decides that if he is against the corporation, then he is not an enemy.

They run away together and fall into a kind of safe room. Here the player can freely switch between Claire and Steve. The player can explore the following locations on behalf of any of the characters. Each has their own set of skills.

  • Claire has better possesses knives, her sight has become more accurate and faster.
  • Steve can shoot from two pistols at the same time and faster runs, but cannot mix herbs and can throw knives into enemies from a distance.
  • Claire copes better with puzzles, can tell the player how to solve them, and sometimes sees hidden objects.
  • Steve knows how to use secrecy and knows some complex passwords.

Revival Evil Code: Veronica remake output is planned exactly no earlier than 2025.

Resident Evil Village on the iPhone 15: Gameplay video shows a bulky sensory control

Resident Evil Village was shown in the action on the iPhone 15 along with the gameplay video published by Game Informer, which obviously tests the portable version of the excellent survival from Capcom.

However, it seems that the Japanese team of developers has chosen a set of sensory controls, which leaves much to be desired, with manual focus, which is activated by raising the thumb, which is used to move the image.

October 30, which goes to the App Store at a price of about 30 euros, the Resident Evil Village looks visually impressive on the iPhone 15 screen, but you will need to check the quality of the game as a whole.

The problem, as shown in this video resident evil village, is that when porting, without the ability to connect the Bluetooth controller or using a larger screen, some significant problems are identified when the applications are not optimized enough for this new measurement.

But the picture is not close that in the original, but they promised "Without cutting".

Because 15 iPhone cannot pull such a game without cutting the graphics itself

still believe in fairy tales

to believe the sects of short -screen)

Playing anything with such a control on a smartphone is insanity .

Well, more insanity to transfer control from the console to a mobile screen

What is getting on you to chop the gamepad?

people. nothing prevents me from starting it on my computer and playing on the best option to control the clavat.
PS: As always, children torn from the fact that someone has their own opinion and they put the minuses with trembling handles.

You suggest everywhere to pull with you a gamepad with a thought "Someday I will want to play on the mobile phone in the minibus"?

Each crashes how it will be convenient for him.

Cool. Once Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas dreamed of playing on the phone, and then a resident is already a whole, stunned! )

The worst way to play a resident.

xs, on the tablet from the controller, for example, at work, what would not

Well, if on work There is nothing to do, then MB.

for a mobile port, not bad enough. Yes, the graphics are worse, the control through the sensor is like this … but for the development of mobile gamdev normally. Let’s see what will happen next!

There is no mobile gamdev, and mobile gaming. Because games on the phone like 20 years ago this is a way to kill time. Play focusing on the atmosphere and plot, no one will be absurd on the phone. Because neither control (occupying the floor of the screen), nor limiting a normal gameplay of 30 frames (or how much the iPhone gives out there), nor the battery -shaped and the red -hot cover of the phone will not give.

Moreover, I read the most ridiculous that allegedly on the iPhone the game gives out 60 frames only in a certain resolution, although someone decided to pore, because what 60 frames are in the game, the video shows that the game from power gives out 30 frames and then with subsidies you can see in the video before 20 frames.

I hope all this will not be limited to several games and I hope that this topic will be picked up and will also release the ports on Android.

It’s not particularly not necessary for the very modern games, but some hits with the same PS3 would have come in. Personally, I would play some Skyrim or Fallut 3 on the phone or GTA 5.

And there you look with the advent of a larger number of ports is possible and the fashion for game phones will be revived. Not the shit that is now sold and positioned as "Game smartphone", And real gaming devices, like Sony Ericsson F305, Nokia N-Gage and Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

In short, for a comfortable game, a gamepad will definitely need, because playing with sensory management will be just pain.

As in any other game from the first \ 3 faces on smartphones / tablets, because sensory management is the most terrible type of management in games

Graphics are just dead compared to PC version.

That’s right, 15 iPhone does not pull such a graphics as on a PC and on consoles

PC? Here even the PS4 version is far away.

It is still incomprehensible for which people this port is made, who will play at all except bloggers for a review.

these games are only for the Chinese are designed because their hands are for all the affairs of the master, just see how they play in all sorts of games by PUBG and FORTNITE.

Resident Evil Potato Mod

Let’s not forget that YouTube also shall be soaped quality, vidos after all in 1080.

Xs I like the course of the development of games that PCs are ported to mobile. Graphics – well, let’s be adequate.

So the more PC of games on mobiles is better.Well, do not forget that a lot depends on those who spoil.there Rome or Tsiva 6 or titanium quest or tropico – reduced straight. And here they have no normal experience, or they took the console version and they also cut it out and said it – apertoriza

Think only 30 euros for the opportunity to launch the game on IPhon, twist 3 minutes with a camera, exit and delete.
To saw these wises did not understand that on ordinary smartphones, without additional buttons turning the phone case into a joystick, there is no way to play a serious one. In terms of power, pocket devices have long been able to launch any games from PC and prefixes, up to the year 2014, you just either suck the joystick and think about why you do not play a PC or prefix. Either catch a high from the touch screen control for 5 minutes and delete the game.

It is precisely what EPL would be worth it when they presented and showed that their device will pull modern games, it would be worth paying more attention of some periphery that is connected to the phone in the role of the gamepad something similar to the Gamesir X2, so that you would not occupy the screen, but then the phone would turn into some kind of Nintendo Switch, and so play from the sensory screen where it will be necessary to hold the sight button and then still poke in a shot, well, this is a purely perversion, it is like when the PS1 emulator appeared on Android, everything seems to be excellent, but not playable without defined devices, because in the same Resident Evil 2-3 it was necessary to hold the R1 sight button and press on X, and now imagine you will hold a phone from which 4 fingers from both hands leave to keep the phone and freely only a thumb, even if I I will pull my index finger on R1 then I can’t play for so long. Therefore, here the same situation will be.

Moreover, the game is visible in the video of 30 frames, so with fractures it is clear that it sags up to 20. And how to play from the sensory management to this, we are still silent what heating will be on the device, otherwise you will play from the strength for 20 minutes and that’s it, you have to give the phone to cool so that you can take it again.

I on R9 280X with about such graphics and played – one to one.

Yabloko is not used to when they are hardly hollowed in one place in various expositions

Andryuhu also has a worthy port of the PC game, called Wreckfest

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Diablo 4 goes to Steam October 17

Blizzard published a post on the official website of the game, where she indicated that Diablo 4 enters Steam this month – 17 October. The launch of the game in Steam will be accompanied by the launch of the second season, for which the developers have high hopes, because over the past couple of months the game has managed to lose a fairly large share of players.

Diablo 4 will support the possibility of interpoplatform game, so users will have access to their progress, friends of friends and other options from other platforms. You can learn more information from the official appeal below.

The gates of the underworld opened again. The new generation of children Lilith returns home.

In Diablo IV, you can not only exterminate terrible monsters and hunt for powerful equipment – here they also have fun with old friends and find new ones. We want to destroy barriers so that wanderers around the world can protect the sanctuary together.

We are pleased to report that since October 17, Diablo IV will be available on Steam! The Diablo IV page has already appeared on this platform, so the game can be added to the list of desired.

Diablo IV will still be available in Battle.NET, as well as on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Wanderers who are already playing on these platforms do not need to change anything and go anywhere. And those who want to use Steam will need to first purchase a game on this platform, and then tie Diablo IV to Battle’s account.Net. This action is necessarily regardless of which device you play and what service you use. So you can use all cross -platform capabilities. Steam players will gain access to the relevant functions, including achievements, a list of friends and the opportunity to invite these friends to the game. We are ready to meet new defenders of the sanctuary and are looking forward to your reviews.

And that is not all! The output of Diablo IV in Steam is dedicated to the beginning of the 2nd season of the game-the “blood season”, which will bring with it a new chain of tasks, deadly vampire skills, 5 new bosses for the final stage of the game and not only.

The artist showed several concept arts from Batman: The Dark Knight canceled in 2008

When Rocksteady Games released Batman: Arkham asylum in 2009, the studio not only instantly made a name that will not be forgotten soon, but also caused a pulsation of the video game throughout the world, which will be felt for many more years. For the first time in a long time, a video game appeared, based on incredibly popular licensed property, which was not just timed to the new film.

Before Batman: Arkham asylum, the now -not -by -existing company Pandemic Studios, together with the famous publisher EA worked on her own Batman game, which was supposed to be a link between the next film by Christopher Nolan "The Dark Knight". Based on the plot of the film, the game Batman: The Dark Knight was supposed to repeat the roles of all actors and have a number of similarities with the ARKHAM series, including the open world of Gotham, automobile gameplay and the main emphasis on the stealth mechanic.

Foreign Settlement Concept Artist Goran Bukvich showed the concept art of their AAA game, which was canceled in 2008. The concept art depicts several characters with an interesting appearance. Judging by the presented information, they most likely belong to the project of the same name, on which Pandemic Studios worked in 2006-2008.

Gary Oldman, an actor who played Lieutenant Jim Gordon in the trilogy of Christopher Nolan about Batman, mentioned in an interview that the game would be released immediately after the film was released on DVD and Blu-Ray. Oldman confirmed that the developers made a lot of effort to achieve Batman’s Batman: The Dark Knight.

Oldman refused to name the developers who participated in this project, but several anonymous sources reported that it was the secret project of Pandemic Studios and EA. Unfortunately, the insiders from Pandemic Studios later said that the game was canceled due to the lag behind the schedule in 2008. "The Dark Knight" remains the only movie without video games. The game was supposed to reach the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Returning to the concept art, Goran Bukvich told us some details about how he was inspired by how the villains will be depicted. He said: "The idea was to look believably and not too exaggerated that when you see one of them on the street in real life, you would buy it on it". Therefore, the villains are not dressed in original costumes, but they contain the necessary details so that they can be easily identified.

On all these images in one of the corners, you can find the name of Guran Bukvich, as well as the date, probably, the date of their creation. All of them were made in the summer of 2007, and if the studio planned to release the game after the release of the film on the DVD and Blu-Ray (December 9, 2008), then it can be assumed that the Pandemic Studios was still at the early stage of the concept art, and it was required much more time to bring it to the desired state.

Become an agricultural master at Farm Manager World, which will soon appear on Steam

Discover the exciting world Farm Manager World and go to an exciting agricultural adventure. This last part of the Farm Manager series offers players the opportunity to manage their own farm in busy places around the world. Thanks to many functions and game mechanics, this game provides realistic and fascinating experience in agricultural.

In Farm Manager World, you will grow exotic crops from different regions of the world. Start your farm trip around the world. Each plant in the game has certain soil requirements, therefore, soil examination and the application of appropriate fertilizers are crucial for improving the quality of the soil, pH level and nitrogen level. The introduction of crop rotation strategies will also help increase yield.

In addition to crop, you will have the opportunity to grow animals and take care of them. Buy young animals, feed them, treat them when necessary, and use their resources or sell them to make a profit. Effective livestock management is important for a successful farm.

Strategic design of the farm is the key to maximum efficiency. Unlock advanced agricultural tools and optimize the farm scheme to optimize operations. It is important to pay attention to the expiration date of the harvested and effectively manage logistics and storage. A new logistics and storage system is available, which will help you control the flow of goods and simplify sales management.

Machines and people are vital assets for the success of your farm. Hire qualified workers and assign them to appropriate tasks depending on their experience. Buy the necessary cars and monitor their technical condition and the presence of fuel to guarantee reliable work during the harvesting.

From baking and fermentation to freezing, pickling and canning – there will be many cooking options at your disposal. The cultivation of organic products is associated with their problems, such as illness and pests, but with proper management, it can also be very profitable.

The screenwriter encouragedly commented on the situation around the Bioshock film adaptation

Some problems arose in the work on the Bioshock film, but, according to the film scriptwriter, production resumes. The adaptation of the 2007 BIOSHOCK game was a natural continuation, and the director "Call" Gore Verbinski headed for the creation of the film. And although it never came to it, the film version will be.

The future of Bioshock, the director of which will be Francis Lawrence, and the screenwriter Michael Green, looks quite rosy. After a small break associated with the WGA strike, which prevented many productions, Green said that Bioshock continues to develop.

Netflix reacted to him with great interest. They were glad for this before the strike, even now, after the strike. Yes, they called me, asked: "How things are moving?", As soon as the strike is over, "Are you ready. ". I regularly met with Francis Lawrence and his team to finalize the draft version. We are all optimistic. We all like this. This is a huge, overgrown world of nightmares, which we want to see real. So let’s hope. I would like to share the news with you as soon as possible.

In addition to writing a visually exciting continuation "Running along the blade" Ridley Scott, Green put his talent for creating a film "Logan". Gloomy and harsh farewell to Wolverine became an emotional story about the redemption of the hero. Green is an ideal scriptwriter for Bioshock film adaptation. At first glance, Bioshock is an ordinary first -person shooter, but his relevant topics make the game twice. Players begin the game as the protagonist who tolerates the crash in the middle of the ocean. From there, he falls into the underwater city, which fell into decay. As the hero breaks to the architect of the city of Andrew Ryan, he is faced with many moral problems and topics of elitism and capitalism. This story is more relevant than ever the basis for the amazing sequel Bioshock: Infinite.

Popular Royal Battle of Naraka: BladePoint will become free and will be released on PS5

Chinese developers from the 24 Entertainment studio are one of the few who managed to train incredible popularity of the genre "Royal Battle". Two years ago, in 2021, they successfully launched Naraka: BladePoint with dynamic battles in close combat and fantasy elements. The game instantly gained popularity and still retains high online, and its only serious drawback was the price tag of a mandatory purchase, but soon everything will change. The creators of the project, together with Netease Games, announced the Naraka: BladePoint transition to a free model and access to the PS5 console.

For those of you who are not familiar with Naraka: BladePoint, this is a dynamic action from a third-person who is oriented exclusively on PVP matches up to 60 players. The main difference between the game and other such representatives of the genre is the emphasis on the fight in close combat, where the players control unique characters with certain abilities.

In honor of the launch of a free game, the developers planned the following events and awards:

  • Capture the Spirit Well: The battle between gangs 12 to 12, allowing players to capture locations and earn points.
  • New double halberds: combines a spear and dagger. It can apply direct shots, as well as apply horizontal shots with the possibility of blocking other weapons.
  • Updating the Chamber of Justice in Guild mode: position and other functions are added to the current guild system.
  • The new hero is Tessa: Tessa is a 1000-year-old Lisa Demon who can captivate his enemies and capture their souls.
  • Veterans awards: Players who have bought the game earlier will receive intra -game gold equivalent to the publication that they currently have, and much more.
  • Exclusive items for PlayStation 5 players
  • Jubilee intra -game events and awards
  • Cooperation with “Housing in the Fuchun Mountains “(Based on the famous Chinese picture)
  • 3D lobby: Players can explore the space standing in line.
  • The topic of the skin of the new season: Classics of mountains and seas and god of four seasons
  • Advantages XGP: Players who own the Naraka account through Xbox Game Pass will be automatically updated to Ultimate Edition.

NARAKA: BladePoint will become free on all platforms on July 13, and at the same time, the version of the version for PS5 will be released.

God of War and Uncharted Legacy of Thieves will soon appear in GOG

The GOG store on social networks announced the expansion of the accessible PlayStation Catalog – so far you can buy only Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition in GOG.

Earlier today, GOG representatives left a mysterious message with a screenshot with the requests of players to add more Sony games to the store.

Now it is officially – soon two games will appear in the game: God of War (2018) and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. Projects have already had pages in the store, but there is still no exact release date.

Early too much. It was necessary to wait another 5 years, while no one needs them at all)

Good games are always needed. Even 5 years later.

Why was it not to let her out there? There were no denvus.

The torrent version was also not bad. And since we can buy only where they sell for Ask prices, the torrent version is better than the rest!! Imao

Once I initially bought games in GOG games, then switched to Steam if there was no game in gog.Now only a torrent

Always only torrent)

I don’t buy anything in the GOG, and not in vain, let them go with a forest with such a policy.

There is nothing to object. Seeing recently the price for Days Gone on I have a nobly awesome, the game is already the eighth year, but they ask for as a console exclusive of our time. Yes, the game is worthy, but the price is clearly overestimated.

GOG GALAXI is convenient primarily in that you can add previously installed games in a whole in one folder.In Steam, one game, in a yupley one at a time.It really saves time when the games are hard.Also, backups can be downloaded, additional materials, if necessary.Witcher 3 can be added by version 1.32 and chop off the update if 4.04 The computer does not drag.There is also one very useful option in Steam: transferring the game from one medium to another.Suppose there is a 500GB SSD, and the games are 1tb and the time of a little free.You put all the necessary for the game on the HDD, and you drag on SSD by choice for a specific passage.It is also very convenient and much faster than to download again and put.And it is not necessary to buy SSD for 1 or more TB.I used GOG purely because of his convenience, and the games were cheap (the most expensive witcher 3 for 1199 rubles, bought in June 2015).Rusik is staged by Stimovsky on old GOG games.

Why is it too much? Days Gone is played and looks better than many games of the modern 2023. If Days Gone came out today, I would not have thought that the game is old. Therefore, the claims of the price tag are in principle unfounded. Moreover, in the modern world there are almost monthly discounts on such games. Right now in the Gogh Days Gone is sold at a 67%discount, for example. And in general in the modern world, is someone really watching the price without discounts?

I would have ported on the PC the first three parts of God of War and Uncharted.

Well, PS2 versions can be easily played, PS3 is little playful, 360 Boxing Forzu Khoraisen 1 passed norms, RDR also 60 FPS, but the rest of the lags and gliti)
It is better to take the console if you really want to play (50 euros for the old console can be allocated)

Emergency greatly disappointed the fans of the series – the strategy was defeated in Steam

Yesterday, Steam was released by Emergency – the next part of the popular series of strategic games from Sixteen Tons Entertainment, in which the players manage the Salvation Service. Unfortunately, the launch was a failure.

In Steam, the game received only 35% of positive reviews, which belongs to the category "Basically negative" Reception.

The reason for such a bad Emergency technique lies mainly in using the Free-to-Play model with an aggressive monetization system and many solutions characteristic of mobile games.

Previous parts were traditional paid games without microtransactions. This approach was to the liking of players – a good example is Emergency 20, which has 84% ​​of positive reviews on Steam.

Below are some reviews of players illustrating their problems with the last embodiment of the series.

Waste of time. If you have nostalgic memories of Emergency 2 and you hope for something similar, but in modern graphic design, then you will be disappointed. You can post units only in specially designated places. There is no freedom of action, there are lutboxes, awards for daily entry into the game, etc.D. In other words, something a la mobile game, just released on a PC. It is better to install the older parts of the series.

I launched some time ago, went through the first missions, and I see that this is not a continuation of the cult emergency, but money back. Skins, boxes, sets, some diamonds. All for the sake of money. I do not see the future of this project developing in this direction.

I grew up on the Emergency series and played in most of its parts that I managed to get in my hands. It seemed to me that the series died with the last game. It feels like someone dug up a childhood pet from the grave, in order to defile his corpse before my eyes.

The argument in favor of the introduction of free-to-Play solutions is often the desire to increase the number of players. In this regard, the game’s things go better than the previous part of the series, but it’s difficult to talk about it as success. The record of activity from the release day was 2449 people. This is a very bad result for F2P game.

Streamer’s matching in the upcoming update trailer for a tactical shooter Ready or not

VOID Interactive presented new details about the upcoming update for the first -person tactical shooter Ready or not. The new update will include "ambitious" new card called "Streamer", on which players will have to answer the playful call of the viewer Streimer.

The new card will be available free of charge as part of the upcoming update 1.0, which, unfortunately, does not yet have the exact release date. Ready or not is currently under the early access stage, but many suggest that along with the release of update 1.0 is not far off and a full release.

The official description of the new Ready or not card reads:

The phone calls, on the other side – a young man; He reports that he plans to kill his mother, brother and capture hostages. In the blink of an eye, special forces go to the place. Meanwhile, Milky Toes, also known as Michael Williams, is preparing to start his usual streaming session. However, he does not know that one of his fans had just made a draw, calling the police station. While Milka Tos shouts to his mother to get out of the frame, special forces arrive, but he is not met by Michael, but his illegal bitcoin farm.

Despite the strange, but rather realistic concept, Ready or not players seem to be very happy with the upcoming map. "Definitely, I did not expect such a card. Great work VOID. ", – One of the users answered in the comments on YouTube, and the other said: "Wow, it looks amazing". Another user said that he "I like that [Ready or not] explores controversial topics that are not in other games".

In June last year, Ready or Not was briefly removed from Steam after adding a new card with a nightclub. Many believed that the removal of the game was due to the fact that it was released on the anniversary of the shooting at the Pulse nightclub, where 49 innocent victims were killed as a result of a terrible attack.

However, Later VOID Interactive said that this was not so, saying that the deletion of the game was due to violation of the rights to the brand. Ready or Not in Steam was restored after the developers removed thematic materials from the card.