The Japanese tester released the first details of the remake of Resident Evil Code: Veronica

There is practically no doubt that the next renewed edition will receive a cult horror Resident Evil Code: Veronica. Not so long ago, the producer of the Masachika Kavat series hinted at the remake of this part, and today more specific information about the upcoming game has appeared. The Japanese Capcom tester revealed some details of the remake of Resident Evil Code: Veronica, confirming the previously appeared rumors.

The leakage author noted that he is currently working in the debugging and checking all Capcom games developed. Recently, his team got an early assembly of the updated version of Resident Evil Code: Veronica. The project in general terms resembles the previous remakes of the series. He managed to try out a small demo version of the game, where new mechanics and opportunities for passing were presented.

According to the tester, the remake of Resident Evil Code: Veronica is a story about Claire Redfield on the island of Rockfort, which unfolds with a third-person view and is very saturated with action scenes. In his message, he provided the following plot and gameplay details of the game:

The game begins with a prologue in which Claire recalls Rakkun City, we see an explosion. Claire is looking for his brother, and we begin with a leisurely training unit in the corporation building "Umbrella". The player is managed by Claire while she walks through the offices, and when she runs away from the guards, she is grabbed and sent to the Rockford prison.

The prison is huge, it has many cameras and security rooms. When a new character, Ricardo, frees her, she encounters some military in a black suit, but he is killed by fragments from the explosion. They attack the island, and the main character manages to flee, but at the very end of the prison part she meets in the Steve chamber, who asks her to release him. Claire hesitates, but decides that if he is against the corporation, then he is not an enemy.

They run away together and fall into a kind of safe room. Here the player can freely switch between Claire and Steve. The player can explore the following locations on behalf of any of the characters. Each has their own set of skills.

  • Claire has better possesses knives, her sight has become more accurate and faster.
  • Steve can shoot from two pistols at the same time and faster runs, but cannot mix herbs and can throw knives into enemies from a distance.
  • Claire copes better with puzzles, can tell the player how to solve them, and sometimes sees hidden objects.
  • Steve knows how to use secrecy and knows some complex passwords.

Revival Evil Code: Veronica remake output is planned exactly no earlier than 2025.