Become an agricultural master at Farm Manager World, which will soon appear on Steam

Discover the exciting world Farm Manager World and go to an exciting agricultural adventure. This last part of the Farm Manager series offers players the opportunity to manage their own farm in busy places around the world. Thanks to many functions and game mechanics, this game provides realistic and fascinating experience in agricultural.

In Farm Manager World, you will grow exotic crops from different regions of the world. Start your farm trip around the world. Each plant in the game has certain soil requirements, therefore, soil examination and the application of appropriate fertilizers are crucial for improving the quality of the soil, pH level and nitrogen level. The introduction of crop rotation strategies will also help increase yield.

In addition to crop, you will have the opportunity to grow animals and take care of them. Buy young animals, feed them, treat them when necessary, and use their resources or sell them to make a profit. Effective livestock management is important for a successful farm.

Strategic design of the farm is the key to maximum efficiency. Unlock advanced agricultural tools and optimize the farm scheme to optimize operations. It is important to pay attention to the expiration date of the harvested and effectively manage logistics and storage. A new logistics and storage system is available, which will help you control the flow of goods and simplify sales management.

Machines and people are vital assets for the success of your farm. Hire qualified workers and assign them to appropriate tasks depending on their experience. Buy the necessary cars and monitor their technical condition and the presence of fuel to guarantee reliable work during the harvesting.

From baking and fermentation to freezing, pickling and canning – there will be many cooking options at your disposal. The cultivation of organic products is associated with their problems, such as illness and pests, but with proper management, it can also be very profitable.