The artist showed several concept arts from Batman: The Dark Knight canceled in 2008

When Rocksteady Games released Batman: Arkham asylum in 2009, the studio not only instantly made a name that will not be forgotten soon, but also caused a pulsation of the video game throughout the world, which will be felt for many more years. For the first time in a long time, a video game appeared, based on incredibly popular licensed property, which was not just timed to the new film.

Before Batman: Arkham asylum, the now -not -by -existing company Pandemic Studios, together with the famous publisher EA worked on her own Batman game, which was supposed to be a link between the next film by Christopher Nolan "The Dark Knight". Based on the plot of the film, the game Batman: The Dark Knight was supposed to repeat the roles of all actors and have a number of similarities with the ARKHAM series, including the open world of Gotham, automobile gameplay and the main emphasis on the stealth mechanic.

Foreign Settlement Concept Artist Goran Bukvich showed the concept art of their AAA game, which was canceled in 2008. The concept art depicts several characters with an interesting appearance. Judging by the presented information, they most likely belong to the project of the same name, on which Pandemic Studios worked in 2006-2008.

Gary Oldman, an actor who played Lieutenant Jim Gordon in the trilogy of Christopher Nolan about Batman, mentioned in an interview that the game would be released immediately after the film was released on DVD and Blu-Ray. Oldman confirmed that the developers made a lot of effort to achieve Batman’s Batman: The Dark Knight.

Oldman refused to name the developers who participated in this project, but several anonymous sources reported that it was the secret project of Pandemic Studios and EA. Unfortunately, the insiders from Pandemic Studios later said that the game was canceled due to the lag behind the schedule in 2008. "The Dark Knight" remains the only movie without video games. The game was supposed to reach the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Returning to the concept art, Goran Bukvich told us some details about how he was inspired by how the villains will be depicted. He said: "The idea was to look believably and not too exaggerated that when you see one of them on the street in real life, you would buy it on it". Therefore, the villains are not dressed in original costumes, but they contain the necessary details so that they can be easily identified.

On all these images in one of the corners, you can find the name of Guran Bukvich, as well as the date, probably, the date of their creation. All of them were made in the summer of 2007, and if the studio planned to release the game after the release of the film on the DVD and Blu-Ray (December 9, 2008), then it can be assumed that the Pandemic Studios was still at the early stage of the concept art, and it was required much more time to bring it to the desired state.