Emergency greatly disappointed the fans of the series – the strategy was defeated in Steam

Yesterday, Steam was released by Emergency – the next part of the popular series of strategic games from Sixteen Tons Entertainment, in which the players manage the Salvation Service. Unfortunately, the launch was a failure.

In Steam, the game received only 35% of positive reviews, which belongs to the category "Basically negative" Reception.

The reason for such a bad Emergency technique lies mainly in using the Free-to-Play model with an aggressive monetization system and many solutions characteristic of mobile games.

Previous parts were traditional paid games without microtransactions. This approach was to the liking of players – a good example is Emergency 20, which has 84% ​​of positive reviews on Steam.

Below are some reviews of players illustrating their problems with the last embodiment of the series.

Waste of time. If you have nostalgic memories of Emergency 2 and you hope for something similar, but in modern graphic design, then you will be disappointed. You can post units only in specially designated places. There is no freedom of action, there are lutboxes, awards for daily entry into the game, etc.D. In other words, something a la mobile game, just released on a PC. It is better to install the older parts of the series.

I launched some time ago, went through the first missions, and I see that this is not a continuation of the cult emergency, but money back. Skins, boxes, sets, some diamonds. All for the sake of money. I do not see the future of this project developing in this direction.

I grew up on the Emergency series and played in most of its parts that I managed to get in my hands. It seemed to me that the series died with the last game. It feels like someone dug up a childhood pet from the grave, in order to defile his corpse before my eyes.

The argument in favor of the introduction of free-to-Play solutions is often the desire to increase the number of players. In this regard, the game’s things go better than the previous part of the series, but it’s difficult to talk about it as success. The record of activity from the release day was 2449 people. This is a very bad result for F2P game.