Popular Royal Battle of Naraka: BladePoint will become free and will be released on PS5

Chinese developers from the 24 Entertainment studio are one of the few who managed to train incredible popularity of the genre "Royal Battle". Two years ago, in 2021, they successfully launched Naraka: BladePoint with dynamic battles in close combat and fantasy elements. The game instantly gained popularity and still retains high online, and its only serious drawback was the price tag of a mandatory purchase, but soon everything will change. The creators of the project, together with Netease Games, announced the Naraka: BladePoint transition to a free model and access to the PS5 console.

For those of you who are not familiar with Naraka: BladePoint, this is a dynamic action from a third-person who is oriented exclusively on PVP matches up to 60 players. The main difference between the game and other such representatives of the genre is the emphasis on the fight in close combat, where the players control unique characters with certain abilities.

In honor of the launch of a free game, the developers planned the following events and awards:

  • Capture the Spirit Well: The battle between gangs 12 to 12, allowing players to capture locations and earn points.
  • New double halberds: combines a spear and dagger. It can apply direct shots, as well as apply horizontal shots with the possibility of blocking other weapons.
  • Updating the Chamber of Justice in Guild mode: position and other functions are added to the current guild system.
  • The new hero is Tessa: Tessa is a 1000-year-old Lisa Demon who can captivate his enemies and capture their souls.
  • Veterans awards: Players who have bought the game earlier will receive intra -game gold equivalent to the publication that they currently have, and much more.
  • Exclusive items for PlayStation 5 players
  • Jubilee intra -game events and awards
  • Cooperation with “Housing in the Fuchun Mountains “(Based on the famous Chinese picture)
  • 3D lobby: Players can explore the space standing in line.
  • The topic of the skin of the new season: Classics of mountains and seas and god of four seasons
  • Advantages XGP: Players who own the Naraka account through Xbox Game Pass will be automatically updated to Ultimate Edition.

NARAKA: BladePoint will become free on all platforms on July 13, and at the same time, the version of the version for PS5 will be released.