God of War and Uncharted Legacy of Thieves will soon appear in GOG

The GOG store on social networks announced the expansion of the accessible PlayStation Catalog – so far you can buy only Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition in GOG.

Earlier today, GOG representatives left a mysterious message with a screenshot with the requests of players to add more Sony games to the store.

Now it is officially – soon two games will appear in the game: God of War (2018) and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. Projects have already had pages in the store, but there is still no exact release date.

Early too much. It was necessary to wait another 5 years, while no one needs them at all)

Good games are always needed. Even 5 years later.

Why was it not to let her out there? There were no denvus.

The torrent version was also not bad. And since we can buy only where they sell for Ask prices, the torrent version is better than the rest!! Imao

Once I initially bought games in GOG games, then switched to Steam if there was no game in gog.Now only a torrent

Always only torrent)

I don’t buy anything in the GOG, and not in vain, let them go with a forest with such a policy.

There is nothing to object. Seeing recently the price for Days Gone on GOG.com I have a nobly awesome, the game is already the eighth year, but they ask for as a console exclusive of our time. Yes, the game is worthy, but the price is clearly overestimated.

GOG GALAXI is convenient primarily in that you can add previously installed games in a whole in one folder.In Steam, one game, in a yupley one at a time.It really saves time when the games are hard.Also, backups can be downloaded, additional materials, if necessary.Witcher 3 can be added by version 1.32 and chop off the update if 4.04 The computer does not drag.There is also one very useful option in Steam: transferring the game from one medium to another.Suppose there is a 500GB SSD, and the games are 1tb and the time of a little free.You put all the necessary for the game on the HDD, and you drag on SSD by choice for a specific passage.It is also very convenient and much faster than to download again and put.And it is not necessary to buy SSD for 1 or more TB.I used GOG purely because of his convenience, and the games were cheap (the most expensive witcher 3 for 1199 rubles, bought in June 2015).Rusik is staged by Stimovsky on old GOG games.

Why is it too much? Days Gone is played and looks better than many games of the modern 2023. If Days Gone came out today, I would not have thought that the game is old. Therefore, the claims of the price tag are in principle unfounded. Moreover, in the modern world there are almost monthly discounts on such games. Right now in the Gogh Days Gone is sold at a 67%discount, for example. And in general in the modern world, is someone really watching the price without discounts?

I would have ported on the PC the first three parts of God of War and Uncharted.

Well, PS2 versions can be easily played, PS3 is little playful, 360 Boxing Forzu Khoraisen 1 passed norms, RDR also 60 FPS, but the rest of the lags and gliti)
It is better to take the console if you really want to play (50 euros for the old console can be allocated)