The screenwriter encouragedly commented on the situation around the Bioshock film adaptation

Some problems arose in the work on the Bioshock film, but, according to the film scriptwriter, production resumes. The adaptation of the 2007 BIOSHOCK game was a natural continuation, and the director "Call" Gore Verbinski headed for the creation of the film. And although it never came to it, the film version will be.

The future of Bioshock, the director of which will be Francis Lawrence, and the screenwriter Michael Green, looks quite rosy. After a small break associated with the WGA strike, which prevented many productions, Green said that Bioshock continues to develop.

Netflix reacted to him with great interest. They were glad for this before the strike, even now, after the strike. Yes, they called me, asked: "How things are moving?", As soon as the strike is over, "Are you ready. ". I regularly met with Francis Lawrence and his team to finalize the draft version. We are all optimistic. We all like this. This is a huge, overgrown world of nightmares, which we want to see real. So let’s hope. I would like to share the news with you as soon as possible.

In addition to writing a visually exciting continuation "Running along the blade" Ridley Scott, Green put his talent for creating a film "Logan". Gloomy and harsh farewell to Wolverine became an emotional story about the redemption of the hero. Green is an ideal scriptwriter for Bioshock film adaptation. At first glance, Bioshock is an ordinary first -person shooter, but his relevant topics make the game twice. Players begin the game as the protagonist who tolerates the crash in the middle of the ocean. From there, he falls into the underwater city, which fell into decay. As the hero breaks to the architect of the city of Andrew Ryan, he is faced with many moral problems and topics of elitism and capitalism. This story is more relevant than ever the basis for the amazing sequel Bioshock: Infinite.