Resident Evil Village on the iPhone 15: Gameplay video shows a bulky sensory control

Resident Evil Village was shown in the action on the iPhone 15 along with the gameplay video published by Game Informer, which obviously tests the portable version of the excellent survival from Capcom.

However, it seems that the Japanese team of developers has chosen a set of sensory controls, which leaves much to be desired, with manual focus, which is activated by raising the thumb, which is used to move the image.

October 30, which goes to the App Store at a price of about 30 euros, the Resident Evil Village looks visually impressive on the iPhone 15 screen, but you will need to check the quality of the game as a whole.

The problem, as shown in this video resident evil village, is that when porting, without the ability to connect the Bluetooth controller or using a larger screen, some significant problems are identified when the applications are not optimized enough for this new measurement.

But the picture is not close that in the original, but they promised "Without cutting".

Because 15 iPhone cannot pull such a game without cutting the graphics itself

still believe in fairy tales

to believe the sects of short -screen)

Playing anything with such a control on a smartphone is insanity .

Well, more insanity to transfer control from the console to a mobile screen

What is getting on you to chop the gamepad?

people. nothing prevents me from starting it on my computer and playing on the best option to control the clavat.
PS: As always, children torn from the fact that someone has their own opinion and they put the minuses with trembling handles.

You suggest everywhere to pull with you a gamepad with a thought "Someday I will want to play on the mobile phone in the minibus"?

Each crashes how it will be convenient for him.

Cool. Once Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas dreamed of playing on the phone, and then a resident is already a whole, stunned! )

The worst way to play a resident.

xs, on the tablet from the controller, for example, at work, what would not

Well, if on work There is nothing to do, then MB.

for a mobile port, not bad enough. Yes, the graphics are worse, the control through the sensor is like this … but for the development of mobile gamdev normally. Let’s see what will happen next!

There is no mobile gamdev, and mobile gaming. Because games on the phone like 20 years ago this is a way to kill time. Play focusing on the atmosphere and plot, no one will be absurd on the phone. Because neither control (occupying the floor of the screen), nor limiting a normal gameplay of 30 frames (or how much the iPhone gives out there), nor the battery -shaped and the red -hot cover of the phone will not give.

Moreover, I read the most ridiculous that allegedly on the iPhone the game gives out 60 frames only in a certain resolution, although someone decided to pore, because what 60 frames are in the game, the video shows that the game from power gives out 30 frames and then with subsidies you can see in the video before 20 frames.

I hope all this will not be limited to several games and I hope that this topic will be picked up and will also release the ports on Android.

It’s not particularly not necessary for the very modern games, but some hits with the same PS3 would have come in. Personally, I would play some Skyrim or Fallut 3 on the phone or GTA 5.

And there you look with the advent of a larger number of ports is possible and the fashion for game phones will be revived. Not the shit that is now sold and positioned as "Game smartphone", And real gaming devices, like Sony Ericsson F305, Nokia N-Gage and Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

In short, for a comfortable game, a gamepad will definitely need, because playing with sensory management will be just pain.

As in any other game from the first \ 3 faces on smartphones / tablets, because sensory management is the most terrible type of management in games

Graphics are just dead compared to PC version.

That’s right, 15 iPhone does not pull such a graphics as on a PC and on consoles

PC? Here even the PS4 version is far away.

It is still incomprehensible for which people this port is made, who will play at all except bloggers for a review.

these games are only for the Chinese are designed because their hands are for all the affairs of the master, just see how they play in all sorts of games by PUBG and FORTNITE.

Resident Evil Potato Mod

Let’s not forget that YouTube also shall be soaped quality, vidos after all in 1080.

Xs I like the course of the development of games that PCs are ported to mobile. Graphics – well, let’s be adequate.

So the more PC of games on mobiles is better.Well, do not forget that a lot depends on those who spoil.there Rome or Tsiva 6 or titanium quest or tropico – reduced straight. And here they have no normal experience, or they took the console version and they also cut it out and said it – apertoriza

Think only 30 euros for the opportunity to launch the game on IPhon, twist 3 minutes with a camera, exit and delete.
To saw these wises did not understand that on ordinary smartphones, without additional buttons turning the phone case into a joystick, there is no way to play a serious one. In terms of power, pocket devices have long been able to launch any games from PC and prefixes, up to the year 2014, you just either suck the joystick and think about why you do not play a PC or prefix. Either catch a high from the touch screen control for 5 minutes and delete the game.

It is precisely what EPL would be worth it when they presented and showed that their device will pull modern games, it would be worth paying more attention of some periphery that is connected to the phone in the role of the gamepad something similar to the Gamesir X2, so that you would not occupy the screen, but then the phone would turn into some kind of Nintendo Switch, and so play from the sensory screen where it will be necessary to hold the sight button and then still poke in a shot, well, this is a purely perversion, it is like when the PS1 emulator appeared on Android, everything seems to be excellent, but not playable without defined devices, because in the same Resident Evil 2-3 it was necessary to hold the R1 sight button and press on X, and now imagine you will hold a phone from which 4 fingers from both hands leave to keep the phone and freely only a thumb, even if I I will pull my index finger on R1 then I can’t play for so long. Therefore, here the same situation will be.

Moreover, the game is visible in the video of 30 frames, so with fractures it is clear that it sags up to 20. And how to play from the sensory management to this, we are still silent what heating will be on the device, otherwise you will play from the strength for 20 minutes and that’s it, you have to give the phone to cool so that you can take it again.

I on R9 280X with about such graphics and played – one to one.

Yabloko is not used to when they are hardly hollowed in one place in various expositions

Andryuhu also has a worthy port of the PC game, called Wreckfest

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