Streamer’s matching in the upcoming update trailer for a tactical shooter Ready or not

VOID Interactive presented new details about the upcoming update for the first -person tactical shooter Ready or not. The new update will include "ambitious" new card called "Streamer", on which players will have to answer the playful call of the viewer Streimer.

The new card will be available free of charge as part of the upcoming update 1.0, which, unfortunately, does not yet have the exact release date. Ready or not is currently under the early access stage, but many suggest that along with the release of update 1.0 is not far off and a full release.

The official description of the new Ready or not card reads:

The phone calls, on the other side – a young man; He reports that he plans to kill his mother, brother and capture hostages. In the blink of an eye, special forces go to the place. Meanwhile, Milky Toes, also known as Michael Williams, is preparing to start his usual streaming session. However, he does not know that one of his fans had just made a draw, calling the police station. While Milka Tos shouts to his mother to get out of the frame, special forces arrive, but he is not met by Michael, but his illegal bitcoin farm.

Despite the strange, but rather realistic concept, Ready or not players seem to be very happy with the upcoming map. "Definitely, I did not expect such a card. Great work VOID. ", – One of the users answered in the comments on YouTube, and the other said: "Wow, it looks amazing". Another user said that he "I like that [Ready or not] explores controversial topics that are not in other games".

In June last year, Ready or Not was briefly removed from Steam after adding a new card with a nightclub. Many believed that the removal of the game was due to the fact that it was released on the anniversary of the shooting at the Pulse nightclub, where 49 innocent victims were killed as a result of a terrible attack.

However, Later VOID Interactive said that this was not so, saying that the deletion of the game was due to violation of the rights to the brand. Ready or Not in Steam was restored after the developers removed thematic materials from the card.