Alan Wake 2 works great on Xbox Series X, and there are some problems on PS5

A new video analysis of Alan Wake 2 from Digital Foundry, this time dedicated to the versions of Xbox Series X and Series S, is impressive: the game showed impressive results on Microsoft platforms, and even on the younger console, it showed good results, and it turned out to be better on the older one, and it turned out to be better. than on PS5.

Digital Foundry unequivocally claims that Xbox Series X is the best version for the game in Alan Wake 2 on consoles, due to excellent performance in quality and performance modes, but also at the Xbox Series S, the game shows positive results, despite the fact that it is very demanding on hardware.

In general, the difference between the modes is repeated: in the first case, the frame rate is fixed at the level of 30 FPS by increasing a number of graphic parameters of a higher level, starting with resolution.

In performance mode, we get 60 frames per second, but due to a decrease in various parameters, such as the quality and number of parts, filtering textures, volumetric lighting, etc.D.

The measured resolution in PS5 and Xbox Series X is almost the same: 1270p, increased to 2160p with FSR2 in Quality mode, and 847p, increased to 1440p with FSR2 in productivity mode, but performance indicators change significantly.

Digital Foundry discovered that Xbox Series X almost stably maintains a frequency of 60 frames per second with periodic failures, while PS5 in some areas demonstrates stability of about 50 frames per second, which is lower than the target value.

Even in quality mode, Xbox Series X stably holds 30 frames per second, while PS5 demonstrates frequent failures in the direction of 20 frames, but often remains at the target level. Loading time on average 2 seconds less on PS5. The version for Xbox Series S, according to Digital Foundry, is also impressive. The performance remains stable at 30 frames per second, and the results are somewhere between the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions.

In general, Digital Foundry considers the Xbox Series X version the best version of Alan Wake 2 on the consoles in general, but even Xbox Series S shows wonderful performance, given the game requirements. Recall our Alan Wake 2 review and our previous video analysis of versions for PS5 and PC.