CD Projekt Red said they have planned new projects with the creators of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

In recent weeks, interest in Cyberpan was revived against the backdrop of a hype around the Cyberpunk 2077 and his plot addition to Phantom Liberty. It seems that those who want to plunge deeper into the universe will have many ways to do this – and not only in games.

For example, anime was released last year "Cyberpank: running around the edge" gaining wide fame and developed by Studio Trigger together with CD Projekt Red, and it seems that these two companies are cooperating over another project, although there are practically no details about it now.

During a recent presentation for investors, answering the question of how the CD Projekt Red plans to develop the Cyberpunk franchise outside the games, the company’s commercial director Mikhal Novakovski pointed out the recently confirmed film adaptation created in cooperation with Anonymous Content, and suggested that there were under development and other similar projects, which cannot yet be officially announced.

Yes, we have plans. That is why we began to cooperate with Anonymous Content. We want something to happen. Much is happening, much is planned. We agreed with Trigger back in 2018, but "Running along the edge" started only in 2022, so for several years we did not talk about it, because it was not ready. There are plans that we prefer to be silent until something that can be discussed, until there is really something that can be discussed, a specific announcement. When the time comes, we will tell you". I know that I am repeating, but yes, the general direction is this – to go this way, it is strategically important for us.

Meanwhile, the chief creative director Adam Badowski added that CD Projekt complies with the rules of official announcements acting on the partners with whom she works – in this case, this is again Studio Trigger.

It is also important that Trigger, our partner, has certain rules for announcing projects, and we must comply with them.