Content and support after the start of Soulframe will be similar to Warframe models

Soulframe impressed TennoCon this year by a demo version showing an impressive graphics and gameplay game process. And although the development of the next game Digital Extremees seems to be going smoothly, it seems that the studio is already thinking about the future of the game, because it confirms that Soulframe support will be similar to the Warframe model.

Speaking in the latest issue of Play Magazine magazine (Issue 32, November 2023.), the chief creative director Steve Sinclair said this when he was asked about the content and support of Soulframe after launch.

"Yes. I think that gamers can be fairly tired of some of the existing business models, but I hope that we can maintain a Warframe reputation as a company, where, when something cool comes out, [there is] a general positive reaction: “I can’t” ” Believe me, I get it for free. Okay, I will buy something because I like the developers, or there are terrible cosmetics, and I can’t live without it ”. There are no barriers “.

For those who are not familiar with how the team processes content in Warframe, all the main updates were free, including extensions that added completely new areas of the open world and some other functions.

There are a large number of microtransactions in the form of cosmetics, resources and even improvements, but otherwise the game is completely free, and all significant content is available for free for every player.

These content releases usually come out with an interval of several months, although Warframe entertains players with events and other updates between the main releases. But when the mass loss of content occurs, regardless of how it is adopted after the release, many may agree that the content does not correspond to the standard GaAS release, since this is usually the release of the game, which correspond to the more paid extension, and not free.

Soulframe is currently under development, the exit is scheduled for the end of 2024, and the issue is scheduled for PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.