Crazy parodies and hot cosplay: how the GTA 6 trailer inspires fans

From the release of the first trailer Grand Theft Auto 6 More than a month has passed – it was published on the night of December 4 to 5, 2023. The video has already collected over 167 million views and 11 million likes. Over the past time, fans of the game have connected imagination and experimented with a debut video. This is what they did.

The trailer is recreated in other GTA series games

The most logical step from the fans is to try to recreate the video sequence of the trailer using the frames of the previous issues of the GTA franchise. Gamers went through all the main parts of the series – Vice City, San Andreas, GTA 4, GTA 5 (more than once) and GTA Online. In each of them, the authors of the videos tried to choose scenes and locations, most similar to those shown in GTA 6.

Everyone got it funny in their own way and sometimes crazy. For example, Niko Belik in GTA 4 went twisted in three deaths, and the GTA Online trailer flooded crowds of players. For some reason, it was the least popular GTA 3: videos on its basis turned out to be unsuccessful.


There are not many characters in the GTA 6 trailer, but they are already actively cosplaying them. For example, a girl with the nickname Boring-AD8105 transformed into Lucia-the main character of the game. Gamers liked the image: many in the comments wished to “become her Jason” (second protagonist of the future action).

The characters shown in the video also enjoyed success. For example, “beauty in a swimsuit” (theories go that this is also Lucia). Her image was recreated by the English model Nika Hollandov, also known as Nikawuw. The girl posted several photos on social networks, which sincerely pleased fans.

Nikawuw also portrayed a “girl in mud”, which appeared in a trailer for only a couple of seconds.

The same image was also tried by the American cosplayer Peachjars – its option has collected millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes in a few days.

The trailer is recreated in other games

The GTA 6 fans decided not to limit themselves to the reconstruction of the trailer in other franchise issues and tried to spoil the video in a wide variety of games. For example, Minecraft: if you can create whole cities and fantasy-worlds in this sandbox, why not transfer the expected action to it and the trailer for it and the trailer. True, the author of the video had to use special effects due to the restrictions of the virtual designer.

Some versions turned out to be almost mocking: their creators chose games that are least associated with the GTA series. For example, Roblox, The Sims 4 or Garry’s Mod.

Other players decided to hit nostalgia: one fan recreated the video in The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, the other presented how the trailer looked on old consoles: for example, the first PlayStation.

PlayStation 1 style video

However, some gamers tried to use for creativity the most suitable topics of the game – Cyberpunk 2077, Red Dead Redemption 2 and even Driver 3, which was once considered the potential “killer of GTA”.

Experiments with neural networks

Some players were not satisfied with the fact that Rockstar Games showed in the GTA 6 trailer, and took advantage of neurosetes to “see” a little more. In particular, one enthusiast with the help of AI “expanded” the video frame to find out what could remain behind the scenes. Other players tried to undress female characters.

One of the users decided to check how accurately the neural network could recreate the trailer. The author used several AI generators at once, through which he drove the descriptions of each scene of the GTA 6 video. It turned out a kind of alternative version of the debut video game.

Parodies and experiments in real life

Finally, some players simply parody the trailer in reality. Reasonably reasoning that the madness shown in the video can be found in our world, gamers made a video about countries – Romania, Turkey, India and others. Of course, fans did not forget about UK, and a separate trailer dedicated the resort “capital” of the country – Sochi.

One of the most impressive parodies was a video created entirely with the help of Lego designer. The author of the YouTube channel World of Shrimpy shot a roller in the style of a paramedic animation: he moved blocks, photographed and repeated the process. In total, he made over 3 thousand frames, but did not reveal how many figures had to be used at the same time. The enthusiast also published a comparison of his version with the official trailer.

These are not the only experiments for which the fans of the game. For example, a resident of Miami Joel Franco compared GTA 6 locations with real places of Florida. And YouTubert Matt Pilz launched a trailer on old TVs of 2002 and even 1956 release.

Given that a little more than a month has passed since the trailer, and the GTA 6 itself will be released no earlier than 2025, you can wait for many more unusual parodies and fan creativity.