Honkai developers: Star Rail in a special video introduce players with the heroine of the Zele

Genshin Impact developers have finally released their new project-Honkai: Star Rail with space adventures on astral express battles. While the novelty collects a record number of active users, its authors are not going to sit back. In order to immerse players in the new world Hoyoverse decided to launch a series of special videos "Closer to the stars", where will the players will introduce the characters and the amazing world of the game. The first issue is dedicated to charming Zel.

Zele is a valiant heroine from Yarilo-VI, who is an active participant in resistance called "Wild fire". In battle, the girl uses a deadly braid and relies on a quantum element. It has high damage to a single goal and can be extremely useful in battle due to passive ability, which gives her additional move after killing the enemy.

Honkai Star Rail is already available for playing PC, as well as mobile platforms running iOS and Android.

A character with a highlight will delight many. In trial mode, I really liked it. But something tells me that now it is not worth spending resources on receiving any characters. It’s better to wait a bit. They will drive something more abruptly a little later. However, this should not surprise anyone, because the same thing was with Genshin.

It seems to me that the name style resembles finals?

I’m generally shocked that this game started to be like. I don’t understand why? I tried it once again on the ZBT, but I did not find a single plus. A dull fighting, where you do not even need to even think, which is already boring already in the 3rd battle. The plot is generally horror. 100500 dialogs about nothing, as if dialogs were written by 5 year old kids, from the first minutes I would like to turn off the sound and skip everything. And the mechanics shows that the game was made by people who never played step -by -step games, just made some kind of show. It is better to play Tainted Grail: Conquest, a great game, atmes, a fight where you need to think through each move, you need to go to this, but for some reason some kind of shit in the anime wrap collects 100 million. registrations out of the blue, and products worthy of their attention are not of such popularity, what is the secret?

Mobile "games" This is not a game of understanding "computer games", these are gambling for money that are quite dejectedly disguised. I advise you to view the reviews on YouTube – there is not about the plot, the ITP combat, but about how to win in "Game casino".

You give a single roof a game as an example, which immediately opens and bothers just as quickly.Immediately, on the contrary, the game is online and free, the first hours as much as 20 there is no longer a mechanic, so that even the last casual mobile gamer is gradually up to everything, and only then complex content begins to prepare and study opponents.Well, jPRG fighting with all the ensuing, not everyone likes it.

Yes, I cited a single game as an example, because Honkai: Star Rail is also solitary and that it is, that it is online? Okay, let’s give an example another pleasant game – ruined king. Here she really fonditions both a plot and a cranes.
And since in the Honka there is no longer a mechanic in "The first hours already 20", then why do you need to do it then? The game should cling in the first minutes, and not after the cloud of time.

It is a pity that there is no PVP of the regime in the game, why collect the top of the characters only to pass the company company, well, this is for yourself, and then it seems to me soon it will become boring.Would add PVP modes for a better variety in the game.I fell out of the Banner for the beginner Velt played, but boring.But for some reason, still pulls to watch videos about this game).

People, with such thoughts you take the path of correction. Remove this trash, it has no future, there are no prospects to play and swing there. When I played Genshin and pumped out the next 5* hero, I thought: "Why do I have all this? Just to see large cynos damage in the dungeon and kill bosses in 10 seconds? " After that, I played for a week and showed off the game forever. I just want to support your message and say that such games without PVP mode, ratings and ranks are obviously dead and useless. If you think about the deletion of the game for a second, then delete without hesitation, you will save so much time))

Well, perhaps they could add a PVP Arena with gladiatorial battles. And the rest of the PVP in a single plot oriented anime game? The fact that there are servants in the game does not mean that the game should have all sorts of online features. This is not MMO in the usual sense. This is another. In fact, the game needs server only to ensure that the Donat system works and so that the players could not re -cover the resources. But in fact, the game is purely plot episodic single like Genshin, the previous major studio project. I see no reason to have a PVP mode here.

But to get some time limited team Evening Dange, I would not mind at all. Several players are united in a group and act together in a fight with a strong boss. In Genshin, this system has proven itself and allows you to slightly diversify hiking in Dange. Although. maybe it is already in the game? I just didn’t get there? Doesn’t matter. The essence of you understand.

This can be said about any game without exception. Over time, any game is bored and it becomes boring. Even the most ingenious game will make you get bored over time.

Actually, people play for the sake of an anime of the plot, for the sake of admiring beautiful outfits, etc.D. If in Gennin he played in order to farm resources and characters, then you really played incorrectly. I won’t be surprised if you and the dialogs were almost dumbfounded in Genshin.

By the way, I saw you under almost many articles dedicated to SR and Genshin, you blindly protect these games and I really do not hope that you will hear me. But I will write more times. In these games, the concept of the plot is conditional. It seems to be there, but it seems not. For example, Genshin is a story about how the character is looking for his lost relative, getting acquainted with the inhabitants of the New World. Here you can make a masterpiece and dramatic, single game of times the developers decided not to add PVP. What we have? Stretched to disgrace, a slurred storyline that is still not finished and it is not known when the end will be. The whole plot is spinning around the fact that no one knows anything. All GG friends use it and manipulate it to solve their problems. And for a year now, such a plot has not been moving from the point. The inconspes are regularly added a bunch of graphomania and "water". Therefore, yes, I dumped the text, but only in some events. The game is weak both plot and technically, in terms of the fact that the hero is almost not voiced, this makes him rudeness, as if he was just a blank. Also, there are few kitszen on the game engine, you are not immersed in what is happening. It seems that here you meet a new hero, show Katssen, all beautiful, cool, and then this character turns into a typical NPC, which simply gives you the quests. And all, you are waiting for the plot for half a year, hawing events stretched for weeks, although they are essentially performed in 40-60 minutes of the total time. That is, the problem of such games is that the heads themselves decide how much the plot you will find out at this stage. On the one hand, they do this so that they can integrate new heroes from new banners there, but on the other, they reach such a moment that they themselves do not know what to write, how to stretch and pour out a ton of useless text, bringing the players to a banal desire to skip. Such a stretch was created only with the aim of making more money on donates. You think that Mikheo made a new game because to take care of showing you something interesting in another setting and mechanics? No. They understand that Genshin has already died out that people are losing interest and stupidly leaves the game. It’s time to make another milking of money and they seem to do it. Millions of people throughout China made pre-registration, naively believing that this is something completely new.

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