Insider Tom Henderson shared the last rumors about the multiplayer far Cry

As it became known to insider to Tom Henderson, the second game Far Cry is in development and is a multiplayer shooter based on extraction, completely separate from Far Cry 7.

As reported in January 2023, Ubisoft is working on two separate Far Cry projects under the leadership of Ubisoft Montreal. Although several years ago both games were released under the same flag under the code name Talisker, the leadership changed, and the scale of the game changed. The result was two projects: Far Cry 7, the next main game Ubisoft, known within the company as a Project BlackBird, and a multi -user game under the code name Project Maverick. Both games are now completely separate objects, and Maverick turns into a multiplayer mode based on extraction.

It is known that the multiplayer project Far Cry has changed the scale several times during its long -term development cycle, and now Ubisoft considers the game as a shooter, the action of which takes place in a fictional setting of Alaska called Alash. The history of the game is developing around the player who is lured into this region with a promise of freedom, but he discovers the country of chaos, where trust between people is practically absent.

In the true style of Far Cry, players will have to look for resources in the environment to survive. Resources include the killing of animals for the skin for the manufacture of equipment, the search for chemicals for the manufacture of gadgets, the collection of plants for medical products, as well as the search for parts of weapons and cartridges for weapons and ammunition.

The game has a shelter that is your operating base and a safe place to store weapons, equipment, gadgets and much more. It is clear that this new game Far Cry is not only a single experience, but also team experience, when teammates share the same refuge and prey.

As expected in a shooter based on mineral extraction, the game cycle is focused on collecting equipment, increasing the level and buying perks. Although the sources could not delve into the fact that the perks entails, it was said that they are directly related to the pumping system. To increase the level, players need to perform intra -game contracts (tests) so that they can acquire benefits.

Maverick is a game with a high risk and a high reward, which includes constant death, which means that if the player dies, he loses everything, including equipment, perks and levels. The only thing that the player can leave for himself is the objects stored in the shelter.

It is reported that at present it is planned to release the game to Far Cry 7. Currently, the release date is scheduled for April 2025, and the release of the alpha version is scheduled for the first half of 2024. If Ubisoft adheres to this schedule, perhaps in the near future we will hear more about Maverick.