Lesta Games activated the tasks of the Steel Union with the prize commander Nikolai Kuznetsov

Since October 11, 2023, the world of ships and Tanks Blitz included unique chains of combat missions "Steel Union". The promotional code that you can see in the source is still active.

Activated a series of tasks "Free swimming" And "Under your flag", Players can count on obtaining a premium account, crew experience, a large first-aid kit, repair rooms, fire extinguishers, inscriptions, reserves, decals, dismantling sets, 2D style "Blinding camouflage".

It is possible to get the Admiral of the USSR fleet Nikolai Kuznetsov only after completing tasks in any two Lesta games to choose from. Description of quests and awards is available on official sites.

Their notorious AI prevents players from playing.Shells fly around enemies. The thinnest tanks in the game do not break through the most powerful. No damage is caused by them.He has a diameter with the tower of this tank completely. And when it gets there is no damage . in general casino struggle parameters.

Play the tundra. Everything is much more interesting there. In Temli, at least errors say goodbye thanks to HP

Pack into the company’s tank

a) the game in terms of the mechanic is not the simplest and no one argues with this

b) if you understand the mechanics, then 99% of questions from the series "How did not break" And "As there is no damage" fall away by themselves 😉

The game has golem shins and misses..Dysbalance.The player does not solve anything there.Deleted the game yesterday..and account.3 marks on the barrel have. and more than 10 years of the game.3 account is deleted.Since the declared TTX does not correspond to the real.And do not send your spam here.Hypocritical.Otherwise they began to write thousands of people everywhere about that. What they see on monitors with their own eyes. This is like a lie.And ban on chats.The bots bred horror.320 mm punching shells do not break through 10 mm.Without a complete information, motionless enemies fly around.Let your own and go with yourself. Well, with you.I had almost 40 days on my remote Akk. The last chapter of the norms has already been fulfilled.A total of about 65k fights I have.And here you are again deceiving people about your 99 percent.The clowns are wretched.Completely broke.Do you even think about that. what to lie to millions of people in impudent.The unscrupulous very project in general.I dropped in the area in the area5k in a month and a half.And did not play for several days. since it is impossible.Your AI does not give..You even understand what you write to millions that know.Your coincidence for bonus bonuses and so.If a hundred demon with full statistics analyze.Everything is fine.What and how.When all the enemies are constantly flying around.Flies at least where..but just not where he put the sight.What kind of sport cyber?This is a lie.Sports is, all other things being equal.And you have slot machines for drawing money.Even your bloggers rolled tantrums more than once. when from the press on the live broadcast they switched to their real. And then they swore that they would no longer go to their real account.And everyone was Mvili how everything flies by.The entire network is clogged with these videos.And you continue to mislead here

Yes, I found other projects.Thank you.The most miserable project of Satanists is specially drawn out of people. so that they would carry their real negative from monitors in their real world.

Mdaaa. twisted with mechanics, spent some kind of incomprehensible characters to me personally, it became cartoon.

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