Naoi weapons, card size and not only. New details of Assassin’s Creed Red appeared on the Web

A day after the message of Tom Henderson, who allegedly revealed the identity of one of the two main characters of Assassin’s Creed Red, new rumors appeared on the network about the next big chapter of the saga about hired killers from Ubisoft.

This time, the author of the information was J0nathan, known for his enthusiasm for Assassin’s Creed. According to J0nathan, one of the main changes that the fans always asked for is a decrease in the number of markers on the map. Now the game will have much fewer famous interrogative signs.

The card will also be less than in Odyssey, and will be similar to Elden Ring in terms of player navigation. Assassin’s Creed Red will hold the player’s hand much less, allowing him to independently explore the area. In the graphic plan, according to the author of the leak, it will exceed the latest franchise games, with better visual study. Nevertheless, according to him, she still will not reach the level of graphics that was observed in Star Wars Outlaws.

New gameplay opportunities:

  • Sekiro style hook
  • It will be possible to lie down, like in Metal Gear Solid
  • You can hide in various types of vegetation
  • You can hide in the shade and blow out the torches to create places for shelter
  • Various types of weapons: kunai, shurikens, smoke bombs, etc.D.
  • Positioning system, as in Sekiro, to remove enemies from balance
  • Asigar, enemies with firearms

Another innovation will be a spying system. The maps of enemies will be located on the map, in each of which the commander will be located. You can invade the camp, kill the commander and pick up the loot, or spare him so that he becomes a spy for you, giving information about the upcoming missions, both main and secondary.

In conclusion, I would like to note that all this information is not confirmed by Ubisoft, and therefore should be treated with caution.