Nomura promises that in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth the heroes will not be able to deceive death: “The one who dies does not return”

In the classical Final Fantasy VII 1997, not linked in spoilers ten years ago, the key member of the team dies halfway games in a shocking moment that all players are remembered.

One of the main games of the next year for PlayStation gamers is certainly Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. The sequel is intriguing many, although it is interesting how much the storyline will differ from the original, given that the remake has already gone its own way and is connected with Crisis Core, a prequel that came out after the first FF7. Many events can change, especially the fate of a particular character. However, director Tetsuya Nomur made a statement from which it follows that the approach to the game will not change.

Nomura explains that the topics of life and death are central in the game, and, in his opinion, loss is what is happening unexpectedly. The reality of death is that a person will never return. That is how, according to him, "I think that in this game a person who is dying should not return, and this is what we did in the original".

Of course, Nomura does not call a specific name, and there is no confidence that the same person will die in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. It is possible that Square Enix will decide to change in this alternative version of history "target". The only thing that Nomura said accurately was that the deceased person will not be able to return. In short, it is confirmed that no one will deceive death, because life is the central topic of the game.

Starting with the original Final Fantasy VII, when we started working on it, it was already decided from the very beginning that "life" will be the central theme of Final Fantasy VII. I knew that we should imagine life and death in this game". Before Final Fantasy VII there were other games in which the characters experienced a tragedy, but many of them returned to one degree or another or returned to life. But I think that the loss is something that happens unexpectedly, not so dramatic and for a long time, but so that the person you just talked with is suddenly leaves and no longer returns. I think that the character who dies should not return in this work, and this is what we did in the original.