Remaster is on the way? Red Dead Redemption has received an age rating in Korea

The Committee for the rating and administration of Korea Games has published a new rating for Red Dead Redemption on June 15.

The new rating has a classification number "CC-NV-230615-001". In Korean game ratings "NV" refers to console games, and "NP" – To games for PC. (Although the rating for consoles does not exclude the existence of the version for the PC, and vice versa).

Red Dead Redemption first reached the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 May 18, 2010. Port for a PC or Remaster version for new platforms were never released.

Ratings for the original (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360), Undead Nightmare Collection (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) and Goty Edition (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) versions of Red DEAD REDEMPENITIA.

The developer Rockstar Games has not announced Remaster Red Dead Redemption, but this rating may indicate that it is planned.

RDR has long been moving to new consoles and RS. In addition to Xbox, she is nowhere now. The game itself is excellent.

I tried to play after RDR2, the game was out of the way, even for the sake of the plot I could not make himself play in it.

Yes it must be broken

I do not understand what she is outdated, so that from your words it is impossible to make it go through. The game is literally on the same engine as GTA 5 and RDR 2. The game is basically felt as GTA 5, only in another setting. The only technical problem with her is the horses that in comparison with the second part are felt more likely as an overly inert machine on hooves and independently almost no avoid small obstacles. And so the game is literally about the same thing, only without a series of immersive chips. Optimization is lame, because the game is extremely technological for its time, but this is hardly the problem of the game and its obsolescence. Graphics, physics, effects and other technical details at the level of the same GTA 5, they still look good in a compartment with slightly stylized graphics.

The game of course deserves a remake in any case, but mainly due to low accessibility in a compartment with doubtful performance on a box of 360 and a third curling iron. Perhaps in the reasons you can still write down the need to slightly process the plot, bring some individual characters a little under compliance with the 2nd part and slightly shift the tone with a more satirical and characteristic of the GTA series to what we have in the second part of the RDR. But otherwise, all upgrades will be purely cosmetic and minor. Therefore, I do not understand what outstanding there is a question of, because he himself recently launched the game on the emulator and on 360 boxes, the only problems were floating 30 frames, unusual shooting from the joystick and slightly clumsy control of the horse.

UPD: I don’t understand why they minus me, if I literally said the same thing as the first commentator, only deployed. In general, I am indignant at the complaint of another commentator in the incidents of the game, and not to the need for a remake of it.

In my subjective opinion, the plot is better there than in the 2nd part. The second part frankly did not like that Arthur Morgan, according to the plot, must be engaged in raising debts (because he was infected)+ mission to a drug addict-holy.

the count is worse, fewer chips.

If real and on PC, then I am for!

After the remaster of the GTA trilogy, it would be better if they made a remake.

Another and such thousands. Rocks did not make a remake.

Something I doubt that there will be a remaster, because the engine has long been on the new version and the source code has long been lost, because Rokstar back in 2014 stated that they would ported on PC and even on PS 4 at that time, but the source code has already been lost, and the source code has already been lost, and the source code has already been lost, and Therefore, they will not be able to do remaster.

If this is really a reprint, then, judging by the fact that there is no subtitle, there will be just a port with a suitable resolution and 60FPS, plus minor improvements, such as smoothing and increased drawing range, which, in principle, is not a worst solution, taking into account what quality they have Remaster GTA came out.

In short, it can be like a varik with a Korean whistle, they have changed with age, but, on Raddoux, one type found a small detail

No, well, it would already be too fat if they make a remake on the engine of the second part.

. If this is true, then . Some dreams come true?!)

I go through the Xenia emulator now. Perfectly emulates.

Can be

After Definitive Edition, it is not surprising. They also removed the original GTA III/VC/SA from sales. Okay, even though Achivics in Steam and English were added, but the price.

And who to bother you to buy originals for 200 r at sales? The new publication at discounts is already sold at half the prices. The consoles are even cheaper. B U. On PS4 the price is the most for this trilogy. In a year in Steam it will already cost in the region of 1000

Yes, it does not burn particularly simple. If I really wanted to, I would already buy.

It is better to have physical copies of GTA of all 3 parts of the original from the beech and 1C. These are the best versions. There are nuances in Steam there.

And what . But right now there are no disks for RS. The only meaning to keep them as a rarity.

It will be perfect for them to make a remaster that when the RDR is owned 2 automatically simply updates the RDR 2, because there is already the whole RDR map and you just need to put content

it would be great. So far, the only way to play with dignity is on the box box.

The game works great on Xenia. And if the config PC is serious, I think also resolution can be raised.

Yes, it went to 50 FPS RTX 3060ti and i512400f also a 2 -draw.0 I put it if you put default 1.0 then fps even more than 60

FPS did not sag in cities?

Well, maybe up to 40 served

PC may appear on PC!))

If the remaster from GROM is a street, then I pass, but it would be better to add as a large DLC to 2 part because there is just the place of action of the 1st part of the game.

I still have already passed on him on an emulator!

It is strange that Remaster has not been made on the first RDR before, it would clearly be successful in the wake of the history of RDR2

because of the loss of the source, because the remaster did not do it, and back in 2014, everyone was waiting for at least a simple port of the game on PS4 and boxing and PC, but Rockstar updated the engine on which all their games GTA 4, RDR were made and made by GTA 5 on an updated engine and therefore they would have to do the whole game from scratch on a new one. Because they scored a bolt. And even if Rockstar has a horseman and they would now release Remaster, then the game would now look graphically the same as GTA 4 for the engine is the same.

I read the news on the peg, and I see a considerable number of cool projects will soon be or ongoing in the nearby! And here also Remaster Redemeshen! Bliin, there is some kind of fairy tale!) Faster. It was not for nothing that I updated the card, but I play almost one junk)

It is clear why. The game industry has recently degraded. If we take, for example, the interval of 2004-2013, then there some hits came out 5 pcs +- every year came out . And now. 😑

RDR, not announced remaster, is planned to go out within an unusual time, the nearly announced time of the release date is not yet known. The news looks like this, oh yes there is a milking cow called GTA online why it is in a hurry.

It was time for a long time, I hope they won’t forget about the DLC.

and GTA 4 this time is time

Well, the first part is frankly too weaker than the second part, even if only one plot is taken into account, even if they bring it to a PC, I will definitely not turn, except that DLC with zombies break off.

Why Remaster, if there is a second part, where everything is better?

And Nekst gene patch, they do not want to make for RDR2?

They do not care, the game on the new generation of the consoles looks to put it mildly bad, continuous soap, against its background many other games look better at times, but unfortunately the patch still has not released.

Only after GTA VI goes polishing.

For what? The game looks great on the PC, but the consolers to 720/30 are not used to.

It is not an important graph there! And the atmosphere and the storyline of the Wild West!

The whole atmosphere flies into the pipe when the game works on a new generation, worse than the old and soap is much more noticeable and the textures float, not to mention the game stupidly fly out once an hour.

Yeah, Remaster would not hurt.

Moreover, the game has not aged at all and still looks good. She is stupidly high to reach, a little tighten the textures, add anisotropic filtration there. And that’s it.

Yes, he needs it in figs, the game is outdated in everything. certainly play after the 2nd part, too weak in terms of physics, animations and other things. Only a RIMACK

Guy you seriously compare the game 2010 with the game 2018? There is a difference in almost a decade. If a reprint comes out, then with a new count

It could well be redone on the same engine as the second part.

You should not compare games with almost 10 years ago in the output, and the 1st part reached the old generation of PS3 and Xbox consoles, it is like to complain that in the games of the 90s pixel graph)

There will not be a PC

How do you know? Even on the console they have not announced anything.

Because of the PC, it can also make a new generation of consoles in principle, as it was already