Star Truckker transfers the transportation of large goods into space in the new gameplay trailer

Travel space in Star Truckker, performing transport work and caring for your truck during exits to outer space. The last gameplay trailer Star Trucker tells how you can declare yourself as a masterer-cosmic transporter using your missile system.

Next year, the developer of Monster and Monster transfers the genre of cargo transportation simulator into a cosmic void, where you will have to take care of your truck and yourself, transporting cargo through the stars. As the Future Games Show August Showcase gameplay shows, roads do not actually become more open than now, but this does not mean that they are safe.

Starting as a novice carrier, you quickly accumulate funds, completing tasks and collecting garbage. You can use all this to modernize your installation with new components, trailers and bright coloring, expanding your capabilities of a star truck. As you improve your truck, you will receive new opportunities for transporting goods from suppliers throughout the galaxy, and you will need to deliver your goods through hypermagistrals throughout the galaxy.

In addition to cargo, you will also need enough space for consumables and tools for servicing trucks and providing animal comfort. Make sure your set of tools and spacesuits is always at hand, since for refueling and repair in cold space it may be required to work in outer space. Then you can pamper yourself with a pack of cold after a hard working day.

Traveling through the spaces of space may seem like lonely work, but Star Truckker also has a set of fully voiced characters that you can interact with, and radio stations with original music that you can listen. Do not be distracted by listening to cosmic rock music, watching galactic landscapes, since you will also have to deal with real space stones and other dangers while traveling through the stars.