Starfield design director to critics: “Do not deceive yourself, thinking that you know why she is what it is”

Starfield entered the market not with such a positive as everyone expected, and many people have their own thoughts about this. Obviously, this inspired the Starfield designer Emil Paljarulo to think about how many of these critics are confident in their opinion, despite the fact that they "Torn off" from the process of creating games.

"It’s funny how many players are divorced from the realities of game development, and nevertheless they speak with full authority", – Putyarulo in a long twitter branch. "I mean that I can assume what needs to be done to make Hostess Twinkie, but I do not work in the factory, so what the hell I really know? Not so much.

Partly I understand this. If you are a consumer and spend money on something, it gives you the right to complain about these things. I spend a lot of money on games every year, and sometimes I need a lot so as not to scream in the collective consciousness of the Internet.

Paljarulo said that he was restrained by two factors: he knows how hard it is to make games, and respects those who are doing this too much, and it would be unprofessional and ugly if he did it. And in those days when he was a game observer, he was "Absolutely a person who could say about the game everything he wanted is good or bad".

But in those days, he continues, he did not even imagine how much work and stress was associated with the creation of the game. Now, after more than 20 years of work in Bethesda, he perfectly understands that the process of creating games "This is a number of concessions and complex solutions", And, of course, this changed his point of view. And although he "not trying to convince anyone" In this matter, he would clearly like people to be a little more thoughtful in their criticism.

You may not like individual parts of the game. You can hate the game as a whole. But do not deceive yourself, thinking that you know why it is, which is (if it is not documented), or how it has become so (good or bad). If you yourself did not make the game, you do not know who made certain decisions who did this or that work, how many people were busy in this work, what time difficulties you encountered or how often you had to overcome the technology itself (this is very important). So yes! Love games, buy them, play them and complain from the heart! This is a kind of nature of transactional relations between the developer and the player. But. Just know that the game you play is in some way a miracle in itself. Normal people got together to work for years for the sake of one goal – to bring you pleasure and happiness. So it is worth remembering this. And about them!"

Paljarulo never mentions Starfield by name in his topic, but it is difficult to imagine that he can talk about something else. Unlike most Role games, Bethesda, which get almost universal recognition, Starfield failed: this is a good game, but compared to the last 20 years The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, it is simply not well enough. But among the reasonable criticism there are excessive claims that Starfield is just garbage: the creator of the Skyrim Together fashion, for example, recently announced that he had abandoned the work on the planned Starfield Togeter mod because "This game is fucking garbage".

This is perhaps overkill, and in some answers to Twit, Palvarulo admits that the criticism of Starfield is running out. But others note that you do not need to be able to cook "Twinki", To understand when they are tasteless.