The authors of Marvel Snap opened an ambitious road map

The authors of Marvel Snap, the popular card game in the Marvel universe, presented an extensive roadmap for the future. It seems that the year will be saturated with new opportunities and events. From customer effects of maps to competitive intra -game events – developers from Second Dinner are highly hopes.

In the first place in the roadmap are functions, the work on which is nearing completion, for example, an improvement in the album, which allows you to easier and more diverse to collect emperims. In addition, players will get such a desired opportunity to separately choose the effects and boundaries of cards, which will allow them to create appearance up to the smallest details. Another expected addition will be in -game events that will begin with "League" – competitive staircase, where players with the same skills fight for the championship.

Looking ahead, it is worth noting that the active development of functions such as Clans 1 is currently underway.0, encouraging cooperation. Chans with boosters make it possible to purposefully improve the character, and the in -game cemetery will contain the history of matches for all players. In chapter "Concept" It also tells other things that, as the developers hope, will appear over time.

This section mentions a completely new gaming mode, as well as new gaming boards and the intriguing possibility of clan competitions. Ultimate Variant Evolution hints at the deeper possibilities of customization of your favorite styles of cards, and new card mechanics promise to bring even more strategic depth to the gaming process.

The developers told about everything in more detail, but these are the most important details that excite most of the fans. The developers called for players to share their thoughts and ideas, because they are still developing. Undoubtedly, this roadmap draws a picture of a much more perfect game at the end of 2024.

We will have to wait and see how far the game will actually go, because most of the roadmap is simply "in developing" And "In the concept".