The authors of the DROS plot adventure set a release date for July 20

The developers of the DROS plot-adventure game confirmed the date of its release, indicating on July 20 as the day when it will become available on Steam and on Steam Deck. The development team has invested almost four years in the development and improvement of the DROS universe, representing the kingdom full of characteristic characters, fascinating puzzles, extensive history and assortment of unique collection objects.

DROS is a detailed plot adventure with the participation of a small, slimy creature and its defender – a bonder. The narrative unfolds in a vast tower in the style of steampunk, where players alternately play for characters known as little Dros and Captain, using their various strengths and weaknesses. The gameplay includes the solution of puzzles, collisions with enemies and secretive movement along a huge, confused tower interior.

The unique mechanics of the game with two characters requires strategic use of the capabilities of each of them. In the role of a small shot, players will have to jump, wriggle and secretly move around the tower. On the other hand, the role of the captain is mainly connected with the battle, fighting off various enemies that are found on the way.

DROS is a rich fantasy narrative populated by a significant composition of unusual and exciting characters with which players will interact. As the tower is research, secrets are revealed, diary notes are revealed and strange alchemical treasures are found, which gradually deepens the history of the game.

The world of Dros is teeming with strange characters, each of which has its own history and personal struggle. In this setting, no character is extremely kind or exclusively evil, which gives the world a difficulty that responds to the entire narrative of the game.

Riddles make up a significant part of the attractiveness of the game, along with its adventure elements. As the tower passes, players will have to use their intellectual and combat skills to solve puzzles, fight enemies and search for alchemical treasures. You can also open notes in the diary that give an additional context to the history of the world and the background of the characters, which further enriches the game experience DROS.