The characters are a little overexcited, one of the creators of Baldur’s Gate 3 admits

Baldur’s Gate 3 plays a lot with the sexual side of the characters and romantic relationships that even the developers themselves clearly recognize, given that Adam Smith, the main screenwriter of the game, admitted that they look overtaken.

Smith determined that the characters are really "Too Thirsty", what can be translated as "Too excited", Or something like that. This is a feature that Larian joked for a long time when creating Baldur’s Gate 3, but which was also wisely used in marketing, given the success of the video with the famous scene with the bear.

Many emotional elements of the characters are included in the dialogs within the party. Given that Jaheira is not a character with whom you can enter into a romantic relationship, this is not very frank material. In fact, I understand that in general we made overly preoccupied characters.

Smith said, laughing.

This consideration also applies to many other party characters of Baldur’s Gate 3, since the players also noted that, especially in the first act of the game, many of them are trying to enter into sexual relations at all costs or start a love affair.

Apparently, this is the thing on which Larian especially wanted to play and which is not shy about emphasizing. On the other hand, it is very significant that in "Sexran" Baldur’s Gate 3 already has a new record – a little more than 4 minutes.

Everything is fine. The first witcher began the same. Tits, pussy, sex, candid topics in conversations. Geralt in the game often did not get a sword, but something else. And what, the game lost from this? Yes, it is unlikely.

It is worth recalling the scarecrow of a unicorn. I am extremely interested in how exactly the witcher and Yenifer used it 🙂

There were at least erotic cards in the Witcher

No matter how I love the BG3, but I admit that the Sexual part is better opened in the Witcher at times, because they joked in this part in the witcher, and in the BG3, they are blunting, without humor, and everything is supposedly seriously and beautifully.

Well, so, everything is right, one sword for monsters, and the other "sword" for people.

Only in BG3 for some reason it is brought to the forefront. Even the preview before release was made regarding exclusively romantic relationships. And not groundless, because if you dig, the game has many problems precisely according to the plan of the plot, narrative and role. And the characters themselves. Damn, this is trouble. No, of course there were a large number of amateurs, when all the characters are somewhat chosen and, moreover, the group is equipped only from these, but this is very fivin with D&D.

Honestly, tired of such "News". I don’t know how the rest is, but for 2 passes (the first one threw at the 3rd act) I would not have seen any "concern" And "overexcitation", If the developers had better worked out companions and wrote a normal code that allows them to distinguish friendship from love feelings, and understand where the refusal is, and where is consent. In particular, personally, this applies to Gale, who decides from some horseradish that I have an affair with him, only after I just supported him in a friendly way.

And in both passes, Gail, even after my direct refusal, continued before me "covet" Until the end of the 2nd act, until I started a full -fledged (if I may call it) romance with Sedouhart, who has the only concern is her goddess, but even this is fixable, and he reacted to it as if we were really with him We spent more than one night together, struggling and crossing "swords", but then suddenly I fell in love with him and fell in love with a half -electric.

Seriously, the companions did not really work out in places, this applies not only to the novel, they do not understand anything at all. Want "play playing out" The enemy, agreeing to help him arrange genocide and lure him into a trap? But dick you, "Gale/SHEDOUHARAR/KARLA does not approve", After all, in their opinion, you do not play along. You see a dialogue that looks like a joke, sounds like a joke, even smells like a joke and you playfully answer it, – but not, for companions it turned out to be not a joke, so catch the condemnation. They are not even briefly like "living", Something I do not remember such problems in DOS2 and expected that Larian would not let Larian even here,

And instead of fixing an obvious shortage, at least with novels, the expanses continue to joke "Oh, and we really made them so preoccupied and stupid, funny, is it not true?". No, not funny. And since their asses are still wet from active licking, they are unlikely to correct this soon if they correct it at all. Fortunately, due to the fact that this is still Larian, there is still hope, and in a year and a half, as they usually have, this game will be completely different.