The creators of Palworld held an Extra Meeting with Epic Games due to a large number of players

Palworld servers were obviously subjected to a serious blow this weekend, which led to some problems with the connection for those who tried to play the game after the release. However, taking into account the fact that the first couple of hours after the game released, 1 million copies were sold, and more than 500,000 people played at the same evening at the same evening, we should have expected problems with servers, and, given the way the launches of multiplayer games are usually held , Palworld coped with them pretty well.

This is partly explained "Emergency meeting", Which, apparently, was held by the developers, meeting with Epic Games to evaluate the server needs after so many people tried to play at the Palworld at the same time.

The creators of Palworld PocketPair talked about "Emergency meeting" with Epic Games in the early morning hours in Discord, when the number of Palworld players continued to grow during the night. At that time, the number of simultaneous players in the game exceeded 700,000 people, although now, after the reconstruction of the server, it has become even higher.

Pocketpair community manager Bucky shared a message on the channel of the game of game in Discord Games when the players continued to go to the game. According to Bucky, the problem arose in the internal Epic Games system, and the subsequent meeting was convened to solve it and eliminate problems with connecting.

The number of players exceeded 700,000 simultaneously playing, and there was a problem in the internal Epic Games system. We held an emergency meeting with the Epic Games team and asked them to add an update in the Epic Games system as soon as possible. We confirmed that this eliminated errors and problems with the connection when joint playing on Xbox and PC. You must notice a connection improvement, and errors should disappear in the near future.

The game is available in early access to PC and Xbox Series X/S, as well as in the Game Pass service