The developers of World of Warcraft showed new traditional armor for renouncing and night elves

A small article was published on the official website of the game, in which the developers demonstrated the final versions of traditional armor for renouncing and night elves.

To get these armor, players will need to complete the chain of tasks that they can get from representatives of their factions. Read more from the material below:

Hardly your legacy with two new sets of traditional armor – one for that have rejected and one for night elves – which will appear in the game with the release of the content update "The embodiment of rage". In addition, players will receive new skin colors for the characters of the abdicated, and the characters of the night elves – new marks on the face and tattoos on the body.

Traditional armor of the abdica and new skin colors

Players of the 50th level and higher can begin their way to obtain new traditional armor of the defender who have renounced, talking with Lilian OSS in the ruins of Lorderon and starting the task "The call of the dead". Upon completion of the task, you will receive a set of armor "The vestment of the defender renounced", including two bibs, raincoat, belt, boots, wrists, helmet, gloves, stumps, shoulders and a new coat of arms.

Both bibs are interchangeable for male and female characters, and players will also receive a coat of cloth of Podroda in an updated form.

Players who have not completed the chain of tasks "Return to Lorderon", It is necessary to fulfill it before they can start completing a new chain of tasks for traditional armor. To start the implementation of this chain, talk with Kalia Menetil in Orgrimmar.

With the release of update, the characters of the rejoicing will receive five new skin colors to choose from. Be sure to visit the in -game hairdresser to choose a new skin (we were told that they are all very elastic).

Traditional armor of night elves and new marks on the face and tattoos

Players of the 50th level and above can go through a new chain of tasks for obtaining a set of armor "The decoration of the defender Kaldorai". This kit includes boots, bib, belt, helmet, shoulder bows, gloves, chips and wrists. Players will also receive a new title.

To start this chain of tasks, go to the embassy of Stormgrad and click on a scroll on the table to get a task "Combat call".

Attract attention, at the same time merging with nature, thanks to new marks on the face and tattoos on the body. Visit your favorite in -game hairdresser to make a new tattoo – we assure, it does not hurt.

Follow the news on the official website of World of Warcraft to learn more about updating "The embodiment of rage", which will be released on September 6.