The Director General and President of Take Two earned $ 72 million this year thanks to income from GTA Online

Take -Two is one of the largest publishers in the gaming industry. Possessing the rights to games such as Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2K, the publisher has a powerful game portfolio with a living service.

GTA Online alone continues to make a huge contribution to the income of the publishing house, bringing record numbers in each quarterly report on profit. The last part of the Grand Theft Auto was sold more than 180 million. copies.

Following the impressive expenses of the players for online games, such as GTA Online, Take-Two pays its top managers very high salaries. According to Axios, General Director Strauss Zelnik and President Karl Slatoff earned more than 72 million this year. dollars.

Since Take-Two continues to demonstrate record results with each new report, the game giant doubled the salary to his leaders. Amount of 72 million. Doll. more than doubled by 2022.

GTA Online is undoubtedly the most important part of the puzzle for Take-Two. Millions of players play monthly in it, and with each update, expenses for it continue to grow thanks to new content.

However, this can only be the beginning of a long and successful path for Take-Two. Games such as GTA Online have always been successful, but over the past few years, games with a living service have undergone significant changes.

With the advent of new products such as military passes, players are used to spending money on a seasonal basis. Similar inclusions to the next version of GTA Online can lead to even greater income growth for top managers.

General Director Strauss Zelnik has already stated that Take-Two is waiting for record profits in the 2025 financial year. The long -awaited GTA 6 will most likely enter this window, which can disperse more than 25 million. copies at launch.

In addition, the giant giant plans to release two remasters by March next year. Despite the fact that both versions are not confirmed, the announcement of the new version of the Red Dead Redemption is expected in the near future, whether it be a remaster or remake.