The plan of future updates of Midnight Ghost Hunt is presented: support for the controller, entertainment in the van and much more

Coffee Stain, the developer of the popular Midnight Ghost Hunt, the developer of the Midnight Ghost Hunt, said that since the release of the game in Epic Games Store in June, she has reached an impressive line of one million new players.

To note this achievement, Coffee Stain introduced a completely new road map for Midnight Ghost Hunt, demonstrating exciting updates and improvements that players can expect in the coming months. The roadmap includes long -awaited functions, such as the full support of the controller, entertainment in the van during the selection of players and various other improvements to improve the overall gaming process.

Full support of the controller

Coffee Stain strives to ensure that all players can fully enjoy Midnight Ghost Hunt, and therefore they will implement full support for the controller. Over the next few months, players can expect continuous improvements in working with a controller, which will provide an equally exciting gameplay for both the controller users and for the keyboard/mouse users.

New entertainment in the van

One of the iconic features of the Midnight Ghost Hunt is a pre -match trip at the van, where players gather and develop a strategy before the start of hunting. Coffee Stain plans to submit new options for entertainment in the vans, which will make the expectation before the match even more exciting and fascinating. Stay with us to find out the details of these funny additions.

Improvements HUD/UI

To simplify the user interface and improve the overall interaction with the user, Coffee Stain will make several improvements to HUD and user interface elements in the Midnight Ghost Hunt. Players can count on more elegant menus, improved pop -up tips for clarity and simplicity of understanding, as well as improved visual clues that provide a smooth and intuitive gameplay process.

Collection cards Steam

As part of the constant efforts to attract and reward players, Coffee Stain will present Steam Collection cards for Midnight Ghost Hunt. These virtual cards will be decorated with images inspired by the terrible world of Midnight Ghost Hunt, and will allow the players to collect and exchange them, adding an additional level of excitement to the game.

Upcoming additions in the roadmap

Coffee Stain has many interesting plans that go beyond the original roadmap. Some of the items that are currently in the list of desires of early access include the renewal of weapons, gadgets and abilities, improve and add new bots, optimization of performance, revision and polishing of cards, improve the player selection system and further polishing of the user interface, / UX. Among other additions. . Coffee Stain seeks to constantly improve and expand the Midnight Ghost Hunt based on reviews and wishes of players.