The re -release of Offroad Truck Simulator: Heavy Duty Challenge with new modes, cards and cars took place

The publisher of Aerosoft and the developer of Nano Games today announced the launch of Offroad Truck Simulator: Heavy Duty Challenge. Originally released as Heavy Duty Challeng, the new version offers additional gaming modes, vehicles and cards for PC in Steam, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. She supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Czech, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Brazil Portuguese, English, Turkish, Ukrainian and Hungarian languages.

Offroad Truck Simulator: Heavy Duty Challenge includes community reviews to provide advanced capabilities of both simulators and off -road enthusiasts, including a keyboard and a mouse, a traditional gamepad and a steering wheel with support for an effort for unprecedented realism.

Perform transport missions in the new “cargo” mode, in which drivers have to deliver goods on a new Uta state card or by a dense European forest. Perform missions to earn loans for the purchase of new vehicles to complete additional tasks.

Choose from more than dozen trucks, each of which has a fully modeled cab and realistic physics of the car. New additions, including the Hummer H1 and the 4th Mercedes SK 3553, expand affordable offers, allowing drivers to choose a car in accordance with their preferences and needs when performing tasks.

Compete in the expanded sports mode of Heavy Duty Challenge, which includes testing in the EUROPA Truck Trita races. Manage trucks along complex routes requiring skill in overcoming obstacles, navigation on narrow routes and much more. Compete for a while to show the best time and get up in the online tables of leaders to get every right to boast.

Explore the open world in off -road trips to relax from adventure. Choose a car and go on a relaxing trip to the rocky plains of Utah or European forests. Look for secrets and enjoy the landscapes during procedural trips with an open finale, the goals of which are randomly selected depending on the choice of a vehicle, which gives you an endless sense of adventure.