The skins of Ciri and Yennifer are now available in the store Fortnite

Start a new hunt with a witch Tsiri and a sorceress Yennifer from Hungarian. Until July 5, 2023 (03:00 Moscow time), you can become any of the heroines in the adventure on the Islands “Escape Ciri” and “Field of Brandy Yennifer”. Go through the islands and get game awards!

And it’s not only about the exciting plot. Both heroines are included in the series “Video Group Legends”, their equipment can already be purchased at the store store. Accept the appearance of Ciri or Yennifer and show what you are capable of in battle!

The escape of Ciri

Slide from white seaside and make a journey through several worlds on the island of the “Escape of Ciri” created by the Team Unite and Epic Games team. Run, jump, fight, overcome obstacles – prove that there is nothing impossible for you! Hit the road through the “search” menu or enter the island code 2776-4034-8400.

Field of Brand Jennifer

Luke, swords and spells: protect your team’s base and overcome enemies on the island of the “Field of Brandy Yennifer” from the same authors, Team Unite and Epic Games. Let each enemy find out what a powerful sorceress is capable of! Find the island in the “Search” menu or enter the code 2862-9616-5689.

Awards “Tales of two storms”

The islands of “Escape Ciri” and “Field of Brand Yennifer” are available until July 5, 03:00 Moscow time. Complete these islands and get special items for the cabinet!

  • Emoji “Confident Tsiri”: Complete the island “Escape of Tsiri”
  • Emoji “Emerged Yennifer”: Complete the island “Field of Brandy Yennifer”
  • Flag “Tale of two storms”: Complete both islands

Resourceful, reliable, aimed at winning: equipment and accessories of Ciri

Witcher Tsiri is always ready for a good fight. Included with the equipment, there is a jewelry on the back of Zyrael: it can be removed from the scabbard and used as a zirael-mucker-Tsiri’s hands envelops the green radiance (only when using Tsiri equipment). Deltaplane “Vasilisk” terrifies enemies, it should seem to you over the island.

Mighty sorceress: equipment and accessories Yennifer from Hungarian

Wizard of magic arts Jennifer from Hungarian – a strong ally. Included with its equipment, there is a decoration on the back “Bird Sneaking” charged with mystical energy. Look into the magical world, crushing everything in your way with a marshmker “Megask Yennifer”. And when the time comes, call the magical assistant with the emotion “dark -winged raven”.

Go on distant wanderings with a set of “silver and magic” in Fortnite.