The Switch version of the Red Dead Redemption contains hints that it was planned as a remaster

Rumors about Red Dead Redemption has passed for many years until Rockstar officially announced the output output for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Despite higher resolution and new additions, such as FSR, fans, for obvious reasons, were disappointed with the release. The announcing trailer on YouTube was flooded with negative reviews, gaining almost 80 thousand in the first 24 hours "Dizlaikov".

However, one of the Twitter users suggested that the Red Dead RedMption was originally a remaster for Nintendo Switch and PS4, which may hint that Take-Two abandoned this idea after the gt failure of the GTA trilogy.

It seems that the version of the RDR, made by Double Eleven Studios, was originally called "Remaster RDR". At least this is what we see in the leaked symbols of the version for Switch. The executable file is called "Rdrremaster.EXE".

The user’s find also confirms the leaks that appeared earlier that Take-Two and Rockstar Games really worked on Red Dead Redemption remector or remake. It is possible that the idea of ​​Remaster was discarded after an inexperienced developer could not improve the GTA trilogy for modern platforms. Perhaps this prompted Take-Two to choose a safer approach to creating a new version. But optimists still remain, who are sure that in the near future we will see a full -fledged remaster/remake.

The price of $ 50 could also be the remainder of a potential remister, but it is surprising that Take-Two did not reduce the price, if it really was the case, because after the announcement this price became the subject of serious disputes. On the other hand, it is possible that Take-Two believes that the current ports are equivalent to remasters with such improvements as supporting higher resolution.

However, the game is already available on Nintendo Switch and PS4. Despite the controversial price, Red Dead Redemption has become the best -selling game on PS4 a day after the release.