This is support! A month after the release of Redfall, only one small update was released

Redfall was one of the biggest disappointments of the year. Worse, the Arkane studio, responsible for this project, is not at all determined to correct this disaster.

In a few days it will turn four weeks from the date of the game. As rightly noted by players in Steam, Redfall seems to be abandoned by developers. Immediately after the release, the so -called hotfix was released, but, besides this small update, other patches did not appear.

This year was full of failure launches, but in other cases, the developers rolled up their sleeves and began to release new updates from time to time. And Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and The Last of US Part I quickly got a large set of corrections.

Of course, it is unacceptable to release games in a deplorable state, but at least other developers are trying to correct their mistakes. In the end, this has its fruits – in the case of The Last of US Part I, the average rating of players in Steam over the past 30 days is 73%.

Another thing that annoys gamers in Redfall is complete silence from Arkane. Only fan illustrations and notes about gameplay continue to appear on the official twitter of the game. You will not find any information about plans to correct the game there.

Perhaps the authors are working quietly on patches, but, given the lack of patches and communicating with the studio, it is not surprising that some players decided that Redfall is abandoned.

In the end, someone in the studio should still work on this game – in the end, the DLC additions are planned, and many people have already paid for them by buying the publication BITE BACK Edition.

Redfall debuted on PC and consoles Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X May 2. The game is also available as part of the Game Pass on all hardware platforms.

In Steam, the game was poorly accepted: only 32% of players’ reviews were positive, which is classified as "Mostly negative" Reception of the game. What is even worse, Redfall has already lost most players on the service – yesterday’s activity record was miserable 189 people playing at the same time, and we are talking about a predominantly cooperative game, where the presence of several players ready to play with us is crucial.