Xdefiant from Ubisoft has not passed certification for PlayStation and Xbox

The launch of the new Free-to-Play shooter Xdefiant was postponed after Ubisoft said that the game was not certified on the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. It was assumed that the game will be released at the end of last month, but after this failure, the new release date depends on whether it will pass certification on the Sony and Microsoft platforms in the next two weeks. If so, then the launch of the game can be scheduled for the end of September. If, to eliminate the remaining problems, it will be necessary to update the game on the first day, then XDEFiant will be released in early October.

In an unexpectedly open post on the blog, the executive producer Mark Rubin shared with the community more detailed information about the process of submitting applications for participation in a prevalized campaign. According to him, the process of filing applications for platform holders does not depend on the quality of the game, but is aimed at searching "Correspondence errors".

We are talking about the shortcomings associated with the interaction of the game with each console – as an example, the correct tracking of trophies and updating of the lists of friends with the help of correct information is given. These issues are completely not related to those problems that consumers pay attention to when releasing the game, for example, glitches or a poor frame rate. Therefore, unsatisfactory certification does not reflect the qualities of XDEFiant in general.

Despite the fact that due to compliance with NDA, developers cannot share all the details, some of them told Resetera about how often most of the games do not go through the first certification. We learned publicly about this failure only because the developers of XDEFiant decided to be extremely open with their community. According to games developers, there are very specific certification requirements that can interfere with the launch of the game, for example, the designations of the controller buttons should be exactly the same shape and color. It also happens that the game simply does not have a warning screen before loading in the main menu or there is no notification of preservation.

Since Ubisoft is preparing for the next certification, she hopes to release Xdefiant as soon as possible. "I know that we went a long way to get to this point, and I want to thank everyone who joined us on this path", – Mark Rubin said. "We really cannot wait for the moment when we start working and share with all our passion and love for XDEFiant".