“Dim imitation of the best arpg”: players criticized Diablo 4 on Metacritic

The players criticized Diablo 4 on Metacritic. Over the past 24 hours, the game’s rating has sank from 6.5 to 5.6. Now Arpg 118 of negative reviews against 135 positive.

Comments are published with the preservation of the spelling and punctuation of users.

“For me, as a big fan of ARPG, Diablo 4 became a great disappointment. During beta testing, one could see how Blizzard chose a very unsuccessful, but predictable direction, opposite to the reviews of the players. [. ] The game looks great, sounds great, and the gameplay is responsive and fascinating. The positive aspects end on this. Despite all the conversations about the “smooth launch”, the game still regularly crashes, and many mistakes were found in the beta version. The rest of the game is a dull imitation of the best ARPG, and in general D4 is just a mess from what had potential. They can correct most of this in future additions and seasons, but in this case you pay $ 70 for the potential for the fact that in the future, having spent more money, you can solve problems. This is unacceptable”, – Plasticc.

“This is the extortion of money until Blizzard is sold Microsoft. Boring and repeating game, not worth its 70 dollars. The world is empty and the impression is that it was expanded only to add mounds. I do not see the difference between the 20 level and the 80th ”- Yazlek.

“Diablo IV is as bad as Diablo III has never been. You use any development of the character, the skills that you have chosen at the 2nd level, you use until the end of the game. One -time storyline, you cannot return to the bosses who were once won. Boring endheim, passed the dungeons 10 times and is ready. The same thing with the study of land, not only are they boring and monotonous, the same mobs, but this horse is buggy and you have some barricades in your way. Statistics system – laughter ” – Kruzd.

“I was very hungry before the game, believe me. But this is disappointing, and I will have to stay hungry because it is a terrible snack. Diablo 4 is what they really have been waiting for many years. And therefore, it is more strictly striking that it is just a mixture of Diablo 3 (before it was polished, now it is a good arpg in many respects) and Diablo Immortal, ” – Hjikqfbiuqdbiqw.

“Very disappointed. We were told that we will have more control over the builds, but I feel that I have less choice compared to Diablo 3. In addition, the graphics in D3 were better, the open world did not suffer, and the battles were better and faster. D4 is very boring in every sense. It is definitely not worth your money ” – Night4.

“Boring, the first ARPG that I played, where I was frankly bored. The battle at best, the average, user interface is a mobile and console hybrid, the graphics are actually not a special. I was looking forward to Druid, but playing for him is terrible – slow, clumsy and in every way worse than a druid from D2 and Last Epoch. Not to mention the fact that the appearance looks terrible. As soon as the phase of the honeymoon ends and more and more people will get to the non -existent endheim, many will see in it the worst game Diablo and one of the worst Arpg in history, ” – XVVOLF.

“Incredibly ordinary. Scaling levels is terrible. How can you have this function in ARPG? Blizzard continues to make decisions that directly contradict what gives me pleasure as a player. Unfortunately, they used to have the best judgment and understanding of their players’ base. I am surprised how the company fell low. There are more pleasant companies that care and want to earn your loyalty. Blizzard does not care anymore except to please its shareholders. Burning garbage ” – Pimmitfox.

“Boring game, terrible Diablo, one of the worst Arpg. The same skills from the start of the game, the scaling of the world makes hunting for items uninteresting, you begin to miss mobs, each level does not make you stronger. The dungeons are sooo boring and repeating. Bosses – just a lip for damage. Constant loading screens. Boring events. The complete zero of innovation, everything seems unfinished and has already been made better in other games: poor detail, few slots for objects, few skills, poor user console interface, poor inventory, discrimination of single players and much, much more. ” – andre_pl.

“Diablo IV continues the disappointment trend of the AAA-IGR using microtransactions to extract as many money as possible. Blizzard has a fetish – burrow your greedy nose in the players’s wallets, sucking in nostrils every banknote to the last. Triple immersion of my bank account in endless thirst for a wallet. This approach throws a shadow on the legacy of the franchise, betraying fans and preferring profit, and not providing a full and pleasant game experience. It is sad to see how the beloved franchise lends itself to such glaring greed after the disaster, which was Diablo Immortal. Nowadays, the only thing that is legendary in Diablo is the greed of its creators, ” – Joppsta360.

Metacritic is already like a sports: "Go, cry in Metacritic".

Diablo – Best Arpg

From extreme to extreme. Although I, for myself, the game approximately in the middle between critics and haters and appreciated – 7.5-8/10. I really liked the graphics and details, it looks gorgeous at 2K HDR Monika. Sound and music are very good. Everything else is acceptable quite, not a masterpiece, but you can play. Well, I took it for 4,500 through Turkey, on the Turkish account, because I did not fit much for money, though I had to eat **.

And how do you evaluate Diablo IV if compared with Path of Exile (if you certainly played it)?

Better 3 parts, but much worse than the second. Something like this.

Played, Poee did not go to me at all. 10 hours of truth, I played everything.

You have no memory leaks with ultra textures? I have it, I have to play with the middle.

No, 16GB DDR4 3200, on the PCIe SSD, the game costs, I play all the norms for 4-5 hours

It’s funny, they said about everything that the militant would not be as fast as in D3, the skills showed on open beta, not everything but it was possible to see that Endheim was a farm dungeon, they also said, I don’t know that the people are constantly missing all the ears. But the game will begin with the first season in essence, let’s look at the first new added mechanics.)

ay ay ah, a normal game, returned to the 2nd part, then Diablo 3 g shouted.VNO, return the 2nd part, returned the 2nd g.Return, return the 3rd))) you won’t please, the game is completely worth your money, there are 1-3 bought, very satisfied))

And what did she return to 2 parts? You are joking, 4th part of the absolute copy of 3 parts, but with new graphics.

Buy 4, I am ready to give with 2 Persians, 1 of them with a 27 paralon. Together with mail.

Strange, I haven’t heard something particularly bad reviews about her. He himself did not play any part, but most of friends like

Yes, everything is fine there.. Well, almost everything. In any case, there are no critical shortcomings there. Occasionally, you can catch some insignificant bug, and that’s it. And microlags and others like them are already problems of servers, not games. In general, all current problems, this is all the garbage, within a month most likely everything will already be featured.

The game is good, but the cost and methods of purchases certainly do not cause a desire to do this. I bought almost all the games of Bluezov on the account, and I’m not going to pay some left types that they would transfer the Akk to Kazakhstan to buy a game in my collection. And I’m not going to buy a game on my left account even if desired, it’s just nonsense. It’s like in Steam to buy games for different ackes instead of collecting everything in one place.

When you bought these games, it was a completely different nearbyzard, now it is only the name of the former Great Studio, which covers the LGBT mediocre studio.

I completely agree. The last good game is close to this Starcraft Lotv. All that came out after the lean *****.

To each his own, someone in "Collections" Playing, someone in games.

Exactly, someone loves when he has 500 launches of different and hundreds of accounts on his computer, and someone loves when everything is neat and in one place. We are different.

For a second, whether to judge by methacritic

Street Feiter 6 on methacritic has an estimate of 5.5 (on PC)

In Steam 91% of positive

Everyone can draw conclusions themselves

Scaling level and strength is a really all -time solution.
It seems to be swinging, improving the build, but you do not feel the impact from this. In d3 as it was:
– You suffer
– Gather a playable build
– You carry everyone
– Change the level of complexity higher
– You suffer
– Rolling Distance and suffixes
– You carry everyone
– Change the level of complexity higher
– You suffer
– Look and find flaws in the build
– Correct
– You carry everyone
– You begin to slowly feel the high VP
– Looking for a suitable party
– You suffer together
– Correct the builds under each other
– Step by step take the portals higher and higher until you abundant the ceiling
– Kaldesen, download paragon
– Continue the ascent

In D3 in Endheim, you really felt the difference after any even minor change in equipment and there was always something to improve.

In D4, how do you not swing, you can still fly off just if you are squeezing a crowd of mobs against the wall with control, or even from the server lags. On HC play now a little so painful.

But I think that there will be updates and at least the main problems should be fixed, Diablo 3 also did not immediately come out full.

Not habitually simple. They also suffered in D3, then the quad

Yes, but there was something to suffer for, immediately clearly “with a fork in the eye or in the ass once”

Yes, they also ached there when all the fights were on the torture) then the game was applied to the impossibility. Collect set and game ends. ) I must think right there, do not stand under the blows of 3 dudes with maces, otherwise it is a vanshot and this is honest. Mobs swing, so you get skills. You get new combinations and techniques. Killing life)

Criticism and whining are different things

Here it is shitty! And freedom of speech! In action.

You even know what freedom of speech is?

But "Cultural diversity" There is in the game

Bomers hang out on Methacritic who did not have enough money to buy a game.

The campaign you are from these homeless people. I wrote on Methacritic and I will write here again. Gomno game compared to all previous parts. The main campaign is interesting to go 1 time. The videos are good. AND. Everything is as if. And it’s not about the money for the game, but the fact that the game was ruined by crossing it with an immortal, and scored dick on Endheim, Skill, Bilds and Revarding.

You apparently neither in Immorl nor in D4 played. Do not embarrass yourself

The entire budget went to advertising and synematics, there was no left on Igor (

When you are a standard and there are no analogues – you are a king. When any analogue and even predecessor is better and more inventive in many respects, you are not even mediocrity, but just garbage. The developers obviously do not understand what the essence of the devils and what made D2 legendary.

for me the game is gorgeous, but there are bugs, but this is a temporary phenomenon. What is the game that came out without bugs lately

– I was very hungry before the game, believe me. But this is disappointing, and I will have to stay hungry because it is a terrible snack.

Do not worry, 2 half of 2023 will be unkind for games)

Really boring diablo 4? I if I had the opportunity to play in it.

D4reflection to help you.

TOP toy, addicts, 6K not everyone can spend on the game and now they write all sorts of nonsense

I subscribe to each comment from Metacritic in the article!

The bottom is pierced 👍🏻 If anyone even reads comments, be surprised, but basically they write not about the price, but about the empty game and no similarity to the series of Diablo Games, but only then they notice that this copy of other ARPG games that are not worth its money.

Everything I can say, the game has come!

Yes, in some places an empty world and there is not enough flexibility in the builds, but I think that everything has its time.

And their trend smiles very much smiles at all.

3 times created a new Persian and for some reason they are black or dark😂

I do not mind, but this 😶🌫 ️

Reached the 51st level, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, really D3 was an epic, and then. Out of 5 ceiling 2 points, well, suck seriously. It is extremely disappointed with the game.

Comments are bad rubbish. Thank you admin! The game still sucks.

Now I doubt even more about buying a game (((. I was about to take before this news. Perhaps I will wait.

The game will begin with the first season, t.h look at the stream so far and decide closer to the season, I like the game)

There is nothing to wait, the news about 100 haters – well, if you read the news normally)

The best thing in the gameplay trailer D4 is Billy Ailish song)

Well, finally, normal reviews appeared, otherwise it became somehow scary when she went out, thought, did the players really and, most importantly, fans, were so dull that they didn’t see what a wretched craft (in a pretty wrap) they slipped them these Parodists on Blizzard?

How for me this game deserves the title "The most dull and boring Hack and Slash decades". In comparison with Diablo 2: Resurrected, Diablo 4 is ridiculous at all: in the first you seem to play in Sonic, running through a greatly drawn and diverse locations, listening to a wonderful soundtrack simultaneously, and in the second you feel like that luxury from Zveropolis. Even Diablo 3 was much better, she would have a good remaster to release only.

100 reviews from non? Yes, even on pegach, there are more cheaters than there =) I won’t even be surprised if 500+ thousand are playing the game because the micro lags appeared after the global of the start.

I absolutely agree, buying a game does not justify the expectations that languished my imagination in anticipation of the return of an interesting part of my favorite series.

I bought an account on June 7, and after 5 hours I sold it at VK almost 50% cheaper, my disappointment was not borders.

Background: I have been a fan of the series since 2000, while still a small 14 -year -old kid was considered with interest how the older brother plays, as it was curious, and of course I played when it was possible. I ran to a friend with a diset with the saves of the characters to throw the Persians, and to look for a gear and boast of what I knocked out and how the farmed Mephisto, and what fell out of it.

More than 12 years have passed, Diablo 3 came out, I immediately bought English. version. The game was difficult in the group but interesting at the same time, I remember the auction that was then removed, only monotonous non -random locations were annoyed. In general, also after 10 years the game did not let go, it was possible to go in and calmly play.

When I found out that Diablo 4, gloomy and interesting in the new one -, like everything, was waiting for its release 4-5 years since the first news, just like all fans of the series considered all the news, waiting to find out the release date.

And so Diablo 4 comes out, with loud advertising, we move and teaser.

Bought and.. Disappointment went about 2 o’clock games. A ton of information, empty locations, some constantly falling out huge texts, constant tedious dialogs, which seem to be entertaining the course of action, but only cover the emptyness in the game that are felt a little later, and subsequently folding the feeling as if You want the game you will like it.

He played the robber for three hours and realizing that something was wrong and somehow monotonous, he decided to switch to the necromancer, since the game began to bore from endless clickability and lack of a sense of satisfaction from action. It was not the same feeling, as in previous series. But not having time to raise the first first level on necromancer, I noticed that I could already call 4 bone skeletons that. It just killed me, I understand that everyone wants to see something new, but there should be at least a drop of classics in gameplay and some kind of character development.

Beautiful locations, pleasant detail, 2 hours of play – and a full bag of objects from clothing and weapons, and this is a level 8, a complete non -understanding of what is happening in the game.

Over time, a dull and sad impression begins to be created that you are not playing Diablo, but in some Chinese MMORPG, from Diablo itself only meshigro rollers with gloomy Lilith.

The minicart is constantly open, and on the map itself they show you where to go, where to poke. It’s terrible, as it was with Skyrim after Oblivion. I don’t need help, I want to open the territories myself in search of what I need.

I get to the first major city, where they immediately give me a chest and here. Pause.. A huge chest with thousands of slots for things, so huge as if I had installed a mod for playing with an enlarged chest, and immediately Armori, where I will put my sets and change them in one click (alo, why do I need it now. ). No progress, in the game 2nd time, and they are already dumped in maximum.

In addition to Leoles, apa and poking by talents I do not feel the growth of the character, the levels of mobs are growing on the same time with me and there is a feeling that no height happens like a great interest in what is happening in the game.

The fight with mobs is very boring, routine, mobs are pounced on you in a crowd and you are not in this porridge not that you don’t understand what is happening but you don’t see, you poke on the skills and just look how many “vine of the vine of life” are “in my case” how many skeletons are raised, since in this mesyev, nothing is clear where yours are, where are strangers.

UI skil is missing, at least I did not find it, since the pop -up text on the floor of the screen constantly gone. It was possible to close the character of the character only by the ESC button, you can’t prescribe an alternative, I constantly pressed the gap on the machine, which prettyly picked up because it constantly stretches to ESC is inconveniently inconvenient.

The plot is possible interesting, it is cool that they made the opportunity to play on my 2015 PC without lags, but this did not particularly help, since the game does not have a “soul” and some kind of content, you feel a cold corporate calculation. Even Diablo 3, who did not come to everyone with his cartoon and juicy colors, is clearly standing out with simple interest and some kind of character progress.

In this game you come from the first level just stupidly poke one mouse key and a couple of buttons throughout the game, while not understanding right away that after this in a couple of hours, nothing interesting happens.

You also start using the portal on the move very quickly, with wo nothing for its “learning” also does not need.

I got the impression that they throw me as a mobilized conscript under a bahmouth, put on a pan on my head, give a rifle with 5 rounds of Marts “forward to mate!»Throw to the front line, while without any explanation of what to do and what is the purpose of the event. Absolutely dull gameplay, I was very disappointed.

All laudable reviews from some American companies, nothing more than a desire to earn as much as possible from the company’s PR to buy Microsoft.

My advice: a friend of a friend’s account for a couple of hours, if there is one before you go bad in an empty one, maybe you will like it, but perhaps not, since everything looks interesting on the streams and videos from YouTube, but unfortunately not really.

I am a fan of the Diablo Games series, and I want to tell everyone who reads this post – this is not the game and not the same diablo, although they visually want to imagine it just like Diablo.

Next week, Forza Motorsport will receive a 4th update that will add a deuton route and much more

Forza Motorsport continues its way of expanding and enriching, both from the point of view of technical evolution and game content, with the release of update 4, planned for the next week, January 16, which will bring with it the famous Deuton racing highway, new cars and events, as well as Various other things.

As previously announced, a large update for Forza Motorsport will also be released this month in accordance with the program created by Turn 10, which includes one update per month on the PC and Xbox Series. In this case, the main element is Daytona International Speedway, a historical track in the world of races, which allows to reach outstanding speeds.

Also in this case, the addition of the track is carried out extremely accurately, using data and measurements from reality. As part of the Forza Motorsport, you can participate in races on two different days of Daytona: a high -speed trinoval highway 2.5 miles long and a 3.59 -mile sports highway.

These two configurations are available in career mode and a selected multi -user mode, as well as in Time Attack, Free Play and various single and multiplayer modes, as well as in the Daytona Sports Car Series section among possible tests.

Spotlight cars that will be presented in the car dealership every week can be purchased at a discount and used in the new Italian round of applicants, focused on Italian cars, as well as in selected network games and competitions:

  • 1992 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo-January 18-24
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  • 2007 Ferrari 430 Scuderia-February 8-15

Car Pass receive the following new cars:

  • McLaren Senna GTR 2019 – January 18
  • Ferrari #62 Risi Competizione 488 GTE 2019 – January 25
  • Aston Martin Valkyrie Amr Pro 2022 – February 1
  • Cadillac #57 Ta CTS-V 2018-February 8

The new “career” tour, completely dedicated to Italian cars, with “Italian applicants”, seems especially interesting. It all starts on January 18 with the ALL-Wheel Driven event, which mainly tells about the success of Lancia, and then goes to Rodster Renaissance on January 25, where Abarth 124 Spider and Mazda MX-5 fight.

Alfa Performance, arriving on February 1, talks about the call of Alfa Romeo Sedanov’s sports, in the panorama in which Audi, BMW and Mercedes still dominated, and on February 8, with “Pranking Power”, we will talk about Ferrari. Having completed all four episodes, you will receive Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SV 2010 release.

New tests will also appear in additional career series and multiplayer game, which will allow you to unlock and add more cars to your garage.

The re -release of Offroad Truck Simulator: Heavy Duty Challenge with new modes, cards and cars took place

The publisher of Aerosoft and the developer of Nano Games today announced the launch of Offroad Truck Simulator: Heavy Duty Challenge. Originally released as Heavy Duty Challeng, the new version offers additional gaming modes, vehicles and cards for PC in Steam, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. She supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Czech, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Brazil Portuguese, English, Turkish, Ukrainian and Hungarian languages.

Offroad Truck Simulator: Heavy Duty Challenge includes community reviews to provide advanced capabilities of both simulators and off -road enthusiasts, including a keyboard and a mouse, a traditional gamepad and a steering wheel with support for an effort for unprecedented realism.

Perform transport missions in the new “cargo” mode, in which drivers have to deliver goods on a new Uta state card or by a dense European forest. Perform missions to earn loans for the purchase of new vehicles to complete additional tasks.

Choose from more than dozen trucks, each of which has a fully modeled cab and realistic physics of the car. New additions, including the Hummer H1 and the 4th Mercedes SK 3553, expand affordable offers, allowing drivers to choose a car in accordance with their preferences and needs when performing tasks.

Compete in the expanded sports mode of Heavy Duty Challenge, which includes testing in the EUROPA Truck Trita races. Manage trucks along complex routes requiring skill in overcoming obstacles, navigation on narrow routes and much more. Compete for a while to show the best time and get up in the online tables of leaders to get every right to boast.

Explore the open world in off -road trips to relax from adventure. Choose a car and go on a relaxing trip to the rocky plains of Utah or European forests. Look for secrets and enjoy the landscapes during procedural trips with an open finale, the goals of which are randomly selected depending on the choice of a vehicle, which gives you an endless sense of adventure.

No Man’s Sky tested on Nintendo Switch with AMD FSR 2 support.0

No Man’s Sky – Space RPG Simulator for Survival, initially encountered a difficult launch back in 2016. However, the developers surpassed their initial promises and created a very playable thing that continues to attract new players on the PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms. It is noteworthy that in October 2022 the game became available on the portable console Nintendo Switch, known for its limited hardware capabilities.

Nintendo Switch uses the NVIDIA processor with graphics architecture Maxwell. Despite its hardware restrictions, this portable device has gained incredible popularity. He appeared on the market before modern systems based on Windows, such as Steam, Ayaneo or ASUS, began to change the portable games industry due to their powerful built -in graphics. This graphics can now support advanced scaling methods, sometimes accompanied. However, most gamers prefer a higher frame rate, and not an improved image quality on the small screen of Switch.

Switch hardware restrictions make it unsuitable for high -resolution games, not to mention the support of rays tracing technologies or scale. Some may wonder if the final resolution of 1200 × 720 can effectively benefit from scaling technologies. This technology can only improve quality to some extent and cannot magically generate pixels that are absent in the original image. Therefore, games working with lower resolution will always look worse than games focused on resolution 1080p, 1440p or 4K.

This problem can be seen in some Switch games, which currently use AMD FidelityFX Super resolution 1.0, which, unlike FSR 2.0, uses a simple scaling technique without temporary data. Nevertheless, No Man’s Sky developers went on a bold step and integrated the modified version of AMD FSR 2 into their game. Although the features of these settings remain unsolved, it is likely that they include special scaling profiles for working with low resolutions or optimization, designed for low -energy graphics.

Bloomingtails video from the intensified version of No Man’s Sky shows a noticeably smoother appearance with reduced pseudonyms and a more visually attractive display. The above screenshots clearly demonstrate that 3D objects now look more clear, and improvements in the background lighting are also noticeable, in which flickering is reduced.

Before the renewal in No Man’s Sky, there were stability problems, which often led to malfunctions in the study of densely populated planets abounding the flora and fauna. Although it is possible that some optimizations were made to solve the problem of low average personnel frequency (about 15 frames per second) in such scenarios, an updated version with FSR 2.0 not only looks better, but also works better: the average FPS is 19-20 Personnel per second. Unfortunately, in the game, failures occur from time to time, which indicates the need for further attention from the developers.

Lesta Games activated the tasks of the Steel Union with the prize commander Nikolai Kuznetsov

Since October 11, 2023, the world of ships and Tanks Blitz included unique chains of combat missions "Steel Union". The promotional code that you can see in the source is still active.

Activated a series of tasks "Free swimming" And "Under your flag", Players can count on obtaining a premium account, crew experience, a large first-aid kit, repair rooms, fire extinguishers, inscriptions, reserves, decals, dismantling sets, 2D style "Blinding camouflage".

It is possible to get the Admiral of the USSR fleet Nikolai Kuznetsov only after completing tasks in any two Lesta games to choose from. Description of quests and awards is available on official sites.

Their notorious AI prevents players from playing.Shells fly around enemies. The thinnest tanks in the game do not break through the most powerful. No damage is caused by them.He has a diameter with the tower of this tank completely. And when it gets there is no damage . in general casino struggle parameters.

Play the tundra. Everything is much more interesting there. In Temli, at least errors say goodbye thanks to HP

Pack into the company’s tank

a) the game in terms of the mechanic is not the simplest and no one argues with this

b) if you understand the mechanics, then 99% of questions from the series "How did not break" And "As there is no damage" fall away by themselves 😉

The game has golem shins and misses..Dysbalance.The player does not solve anything there.Deleted the game yesterday..and account.3 marks on the barrel have. and more than 10 years of the game.3 account is deleted.Since the declared TTX does not correspond to the real.And do not send your spam here.Hypocritical.Otherwise they began to write thousands of people everywhere about that. What they see on monitors with their own eyes. This is like a lie.And ban on chats.The bots bred horror.320 mm punching shells do not break through 10 mm.Without a complete information, motionless enemies fly around.Let your own and go with yourself. Well, with you.I had almost 40 days on my remote Akk. The last chapter of the norms has already been fulfilled.A total of about 65k fights I have.And here you are again deceiving people about your 99 percent.The clowns are wretched.Completely broke.Do you even think about that. what to lie to millions of people in impudent.The unscrupulous very project in general.I dropped in the area in the area5k in a month and a half.And did not play for several days. since it is impossible.Your AI does not give..You even understand what you write to millions that know.Your coincidence for bonus bonuses and so.If a hundred demon with full statistics analyze.Everything is fine.What and how.When all the enemies are constantly flying around.Flies at least where..but just not where he put the sight.What kind of sport cyber?This is a lie.Sports is, all other things being equal.And you have slot machines for drawing money.Even your bloggers rolled tantrums more than once. when from the press on the live broadcast they switched to their real. And then they swore that they would no longer go to their real account.And everyone was Mvili how everything flies by.The entire network is clogged with these videos.And you continue to mislead here

Yes, I found other projects.Thank you.The most miserable project of Satanists is specially drawn out of people. so that they would carry their real negative from monitors in their real world.

Mdaaa. twisted with mechanics, spent some kind of incomprehensible characters to me personally, it became cartoon.

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Remaster is on the way? Red Dead Redemption has received an age rating in Korea

The Committee for the rating and administration of Korea Games has published a new rating for Red Dead Redemption on June 15.

The new rating has a classification number "CC-NV-230615-001". In Korean game ratings "NV" refers to console games, and "NP" – To games for PC. (Although the rating for consoles does not exclude the existence of the version for the PC, and vice versa).

Red Dead Redemption first reached the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 May 18, 2010. Port for a PC or Remaster version for new platforms were never released.

Ratings for the original (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360), Undead Nightmare Collection (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) and Goty Edition (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) versions of Red DEAD REDEMPENITIA.

The developer Rockstar Games has not announced Remaster Red Dead Redemption, but this rating may indicate that it is planned.

RDR has long been moving to new consoles and RS. In addition to Xbox, she is nowhere now. The game itself is excellent.

I tried to play after RDR2, the game was out of the way, even for the sake of the plot I could not make himself play in it.

Yes it must be broken

I do not understand what she is outdated, so that from your words it is impossible to make it go through. The game is literally on the same engine as GTA 5 and RDR 2. The game is basically felt as GTA 5, only in another setting. The only technical problem with her is the horses that in comparison with the second part are felt more likely as an overly inert machine on hooves and independently almost no avoid small obstacles. And so the game is literally about the same thing, only without a series of immersive chips. Optimization is lame, because the game is extremely technological for its time, but this is hardly the problem of the game and its obsolescence. Graphics, physics, effects and other technical details at the level of the same GTA 5, they still look good in a compartment with slightly stylized graphics.

The game of course deserves a remake in any case, but mainly due to low accessibility in a compartment with doubtful performance on a box of 360 and a third curling iron. Perhaps in the reasons you can still write down the need to slightly process the plot, bring some individual characters a little under compliance with the 2nd part and slightly shift the tone with a more satirical and characteristic of the GTA series to what we have in the second part of the RDR. But otherwise, all upgrades will be purely cosmetic and minor. Therefore, I do not understand what outstanding there is a question of, because he himself recently launched the game on the emulator and on 360 boxes, the only problems were floating 30 frames, unusual shooting from the joystick and slightly clumsy control of the horse.

UPD: I don’t understand why they minus me, if I literally said the same thing as the first commentator, only deployed. In general, I am indignant at the complaint of another commentator in the incidents of the game, and not to the need for a remake of it.

In my subjective opinion, the plot is better there than in the 2nd part. The second part frankly did not like that Arthur Morgan, according to the plot, must be engaged in raising debts (because he was infected)+ mission to a drug addict-holy.

the count is worse, fewer chips.

If real and on PC, then I am for!

After the remaster of the GTA trilogy, it would be better if they made a remake.

Another and such thousands. Rocks did not make a remake.

Something I doubt that there will be a remaster, because the engine has long been on the new version and the source code has long been lost, because Rokstar back in 2014 stated that they would ported on PC and even on PS 4 at that time, but the source code has already been lost, and the source code has already been lost, and the source code has already been lost, and Therefore, they will not be able to do remaster.

If this is really a reprint, then, judging by the fact that there is no subtitle, there will be just a port with a suitable resolution and 60FPS, plus minor improvements, such as smoothing and increased drawing range, which, in principle, is not a worst solution, taking into account what quality they have Remaster GTA came out.

In short, it can be like a varik with a Korean whistle, they have changed with age, but, on Raddoux, one type found a small detail

No, well, it would already be too fat if they make a remake on the engine of the second part.

. If this is true, then . Some dreams come true?!)

I go through the Xenia emulator now. Perfectly emulates.

Can be

After Definitive Edition, it is not surprising. They also removed the original GTA III/VC/SA from sales. Okay, even though Achivics in Steam and English were added, but the price.

And who to bother you to buy originals for 200 r at sales? The new publication at discounts is already sold at half the prices. The consoles are even cheaper. B U. On PS4 the price is the most for this trilogy. In a year in Steam it will already cost in the region of 1000

Yes, it does not burn particularly simple. If I really wanted to, I would already buy.

It is better to have physical copies of GTA of all 3 parts of the original from the beech and 1C. These are the best versions. There are nuances in Steam there.

And what . But right now there are no disks for RS. The only meaning to keep them as a rarity.

It will be perfect for them to make a remaster that when the RDR is owned 2 automatically simply updates the RDR 2, because there is already the whole RDR map and you just need to put content

it would be great. So far, the only way to play with dignity is on the box box.

The game works great on Xenia. And if the config PC is serious, I think also resolution can be raised.

Yes, it went to 50 FPS RTX 3060ti and i512400f also a 2 -draw.0 I put it if you put default 1.0 then fps even more than 60

FPS did not sag in cities?

Well, maybe up to 40 served

PC may appear on PC!))

If the remaster from GROM is a street, then I pass, but it would be better to add as a large DLC to 2 part because there is just the place of action of the 1st part of the game.

I still have already passed on him on an emulator!

It is strange that Remaster has not been made on the first RDR before, it would clearly be successful in the wake of the history of RDR2

because of the loss of the source, because the remaster did not do it, and back in 2014, everyone was waiting for at least a simple port of the game on PS4 and boxing and PC, but Rockstar updated the engine on which all their games GTA 4, RDR were made and made by GTA 5 on an updated engine and therefore they would have to do the whole game from scratch on a new one. Because they scored a bolt. And even if Rockstar has a horseman and they would now release Remaster, then the game would now look graphically the same as GTA 4 for the engine is the same.

I read the news on the peg, and I see a considerable number of cool projects will soon be or ongoing in the nearby! And here also Remaster Redemeshen! Bliin, there is some kind of fairy tale!) Faster. It was not for nothing that I updated the card, but I play almost one junk)

It is clear why. The game industry has recently degraded. If we take, for example, the interval of 2004-2013, then there some hits came out 5 pcs +- every year came out . And now. 😑

RDR, not announced remaster, is planned to go out within an unusual time, the nearly announced time of the release date is not yet known. The news looks like this, oh yes there is a milking cow called GTA online why it is in a hurry.

It was time for a long time, I hope they won’t forget about the DLC.

and GTA 4 this time is time

Well, the first part is frankly too weaker than the second part, even if only one plot is taken into account, even if they bring it to a PC, I will definitely not turn, except that DLC with zombies break off.

Why Remaster, if there is a second part, where everything is better?

And Nekst gene patch, they do not want to make for RDR2?

They do not care, the game on the new generation of the consoles looks to put it mildly bad, continuous soap, against its background many other games look better at times, but unfortunately the patch still has not released.

Only after GTA VI goes polishing.

For what? The game looks great on the PC, but the consolers to 720/30 are not used to.

It is not an important graph there! And the atmosphere and the storyline of the Wild West!

The whole atmosphere flies into the pipe when the game works on a new generation, worse than the old and soap is much more noticeable and the textures float, not to mention the game stupidly fly out once an hour.

Yeah, Remaster would not hurt.

Moreover, the game has not aged at all and still looks good. She is stupidly high to reach, a little tighten the textures, add anisotropic filtration there. And that’s it.

Yes, he needs it in figs, the game is outdated in everything. certainly play after the 2nd part, too weak in terms of physics, animations and other things. Only a RIMACK

Guy you seriously compare the game 2010 with the game 2018? There is a difference in almost a decade. If a reprint comes out, then with a new count

It could well be redone on the same engine as the second part.

You should not compare games with almost 10 years ago in the output, and the 1st part reached the old generation of PS3 and Xbox consoles, it is like to complain that in the games of the 90s pixel graph)

There will not be a PC

How do you know? Even on the console they have not announced anything.

Because of the PC, it can also make a new generation of consoles in principle, as it was already

A lot of bugs and boring battles – the first reviews of Warhammer 40000: Rogue Trader appeared

The day before the release of the role -playing game Warhammer 40000: Rogue Trader, the first reviews began to appear on the Web and not everything is as good as we would like.

The game, in general, turned out excellent, but a lot of flaws and a huge number of bugs. The authors recommend waiting for patches, but whether they can correct boring tactical battles big question. According to the author from PC Gamer (the final rating of 56 out of 100 points) in the game there are a lot of monotonous and boring battles, which simply cannot offer anything interesting in tactically. And many other journalists agree with this. But almost everyone notes an exciting plot and colorful satellites.

So the game has every chance of becoming one of the best representatives of the CRPG genre, but after the developers eliminate all the shortcomings. There were also those who were happy to go through the game despite all the voiced problems.

The release of Warhammer 40000: Rogue Trader will take place on December 7 on PC, Mac, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

Well, Sovokota has many bugs in each game, which they then rule in patches. I still want to play.=)

So it will be more correct 🙂

Well, they themselves chose one of the most problematic engines 🙂

Yes, it will be more correct)))))

Yeah, because the people of Pathfinder Kingmaker called Bugfinder Pathcamaker xD

Critical bugs I think will quickly fix it on NG and you can play. I don’t want to take risks now

Well "A lot of bugs" – Nobody doubted it, this is Sovokota, the author’s style, the director’s reading, so to speak)

And about "boring battles" – maybe the author from PC Gamer to the CRPG step by step is not able to just?

The kids have in the balde from step by step and cubes of the picanes torn.

In the RD, it seems they didn’t really complain about it.

The authors with PC Gamer are completely clowns, and Mortismala is enough for a preview – he sucked him well, and even about those part did not silent, which is better than their past projects on the release

So that and without bugs?do not make me laugh

Even bugs were not embarrassed by the magazine*Lih when they put nine and dozens of Howard

Well, a lot of bugs and boring battles are okay (classic of the genre). I am more interested in the plot, the opening of the household side of the Warhammer 40,000 and what will the election of the free merchant will lead. Otherwise watch and listen to the overcoming of the Imperium already gets a little.

Well, they know how to the plot, their last game is confirmed

you can succumb to chaos and then be judged by your affairs

Well, I was convinced by beta and alpha test. The main thing is that the rest of the chapters retain such a plot quality.

I know that. But the areas of the chaos are many indivisible and dedication to one specific god of chaos. Still, it will be cool if you can choose which god to surrender.

Oh, the great soup welded!

Oh, chic soup welded!

Eat soup! Hot soup!

Bugs at the jackets. ah ha ha ha, God stop. What are the revelations further? Water is wet, or hot fire? The news is simple "Bomb-gun"! (No)

I will say in defense of the nosocotes that the mechanics that they implemented in the game are their own brainchild, the attitude to the original hunchief, it has a very indirect.

Yes, nothing needs to be said there, Mortismal tells the author of the post that the author of the post has piled up, and he has norms of reputation in the CRPG community due to meticulousness at least

Why do I need a video with English reasoning on the RU-Site?

At the site of the company’s management, I would hire another game designer, because from time to time the same rake – this is a complete ignoring the opinion of not so much fans, of which a small percentage, but ordinary users who are scared away by a huge number of battles of the same type of battles. Take an example from Divinity 1.2 and BG3.

This is a deliberate jamb – they drag out the passage.

The balance is also all up? I still remember those trolls with 40 attacks and protection in the first act of Patfinder.

Why is it all right away? Normal balance against the trolls use the fire and acid and the characteristics of the attack and defense will go through the same games with the DND system. Each creature has its own weaknesses

The game should comfortably be held by a newcomer or a rolepny man on an average, and quarrels on hardcore. But in this case, using the most imob build from Internet guides, I had to break, catching the Crete.
But okay, overcripted characteristics are not critical. It is much worse if you suddenly, without any warning, meet a mob that will not go into your pati. Pedal to the floor, if during the quest you cannot return to the camp

Yeah, suddenly and without any warning – there, through the boot screen, the hint over the entire screen climbs OOM, which must be either with fire or acid.

For beginners – suddenly – there are several light levels of complexity. Why should this be an average level of complexity for them?

I’m not talking about trolls. There literally every dungeon is clean. You don’t know what level the enemy will come out, and whether you can fill it up with a weapon that you have. Yes, and the numbers are twisted: GG mag had to throw 15 to break through the bandits on the middle.
And about difficulty. You didn’t think why everything was installed that way? Because people, excluding the plot, are unpleasant to play at light. Because the easy in all normal games is the complexity, to which the weaklings are reduced, stuck on the middle. And then literally everyone passes through this humiliation.
Well, it is logical that many drops, preventing the game from opening up. And from that the game and the studio itself remained nounams in the unpopular genre. Although I expected a masterpiece when I saw the time of time and the possibility of wagging during training.
P.S. Well, Unity. Constant flights. Friezes. Graphone is such that isometric does not save.

That’s just Unity has nothing to do with. For example, I have been working for Unity for years, all the rules.

It will be interesting at least there will be a voice acting or as in the PasFainder – 3 minutes and all

Xs, I chased Beto, and I liked the battles, well, at least did not strangle the difference. And the plot is peppy in the beta. But I will not buy, both of them took their previous games in Steam on release without discounts, but for their attitude this time I will refrain to support them with a ruble.

I only switched in the bosses in Pati by step, and they swept away the garbage anyway (at least until the end of the game)

So I did it too, I still strangled.

Pfff. Well, damn it, opened America. So that the game from the spells is without bugs and tons of patches, this is of course from the field of science fiction. I personally played in alpha and beta and saw many bugs, maybe new ones brought it down, but I have a bulb for it. I did not interfere with the same wrath of the righteous to go through the same wrath of the righteous, because I did not stumble on many of them. I am sure that everything will be ok, and again, I personally are interested in the plot of the game. Since it was interesting to play in Alpha and Bete. I really hope that the description of skills in the game was translated, as I would like to understand better what is written there? Otherwise, maybe I missed good opportunities for the fight. Well, and so, grenades in this game are of course the same mast-HaV. In the sense that everything is killed and all, if it is good to play them. I even remember, I offered them like, noderf a little. And some bosses in alpha – too. For there are some, well, the wild is that they do in their move and what damage is caused.

Who would doubt that!

I really liked 1 Pathfinder (for me minus – only the emphasis on the kingdom, and not on the prolongation).
But in Beta Rogue Trader – it was very boring and stuffy. A lot of slurred and boring mechanic – including battles, including. Although for the sake of the atmosphere Warhammer 40k I will try again.

For me, the most difficult thing is to read dialogs of technological devices)

About boring battles, let not pro @s@t

well, who was there as it was, it is impossible to play in the second half at all, the game stupidly forgets your elections

Well, so you understand

It’s funny, some commentators positioned the game as "Our answer to their Baldur"

Commentators from Cyprus or something?

The real minus of the game is like for me – step by step in force, after the trace, step by step in the game on the same engine does not look cool

But I so wanted high -quality RPG by wahe. Apparently not this time ((

This time, just play after a year, this studio always has a lot of bugs on the release.

In the sense not this time? This is another masterpiece from Sovokotov. Will be when the bugs are corrected, by itself. But the plot and everything else that does not apply to those parts is already praised. He played the last Pathfinder a month after the release and there were practically no problems, and in this, at least they say so, there are fewer problems than in all relic versions of previous Games from Sovokota, which is already an indicator. In a month or two with a calm soul you can roll

Bags are also in a sulfight, if you play for the heretic, the game after the 3rd chapter generally puts on your elections and everything that is connected with this branch is broken by nafig

It looks like they moved all the disadvantages from the patio.

It seems that they are not so evolving, by 3 games in total. Unlike other developers with a bunch of dough.

One question there is a graph and animation is the same "ah*is sore" As in Pathfinder?

According to the developer Cyberpunk 2077, the canceled elements may appear in the sequel

Cyberpunk 2077 was an extremely expected game. CD Projekt RED studio, which included talented specialists, has already managed to become famous. Due to the fact that The Witcher trilogy was very successful, RPG was their bread and oil. At that time, Cyberpunk 2077 aroused incredible interest. The medieval setting from The Witcher is replaced by something more futuristic. But in the end, the release of the game turned out to be a catastrophic. There were so many problems and mistakes in it that the studio spent years to bring the gameplay to its own standards.

Naturally, after many years of work with patches and several small DLC, the game has changed. In addition, together with Phantom Liberty, update 2.0 for Cyberpunk 2077. At the same time, as in any other game, a series of mechanics and features did not fall into the project. The other day, IGN managed to talk with Pawel Mielniczuk, art director of Phantom Liberty.

During the conversation, the topic of rebellious functions was raised, and there was a question whether there was something that the studio did not have time to add to the game. More precisely, it was about functions that may have not been in the list of wishes while working on the main update 2.0 and extension Phantom Liberty. According to Paul, the developers never really end work on the game.

They say that ideas always appear, even after the deadlines. And without terms and financial obstacles, the development of video games may never end. Therefore, looking back, we can say that the studio probably has ideas and refinements that she would like to implement in Project Orion.

I think that as a developer you can never finish the game. There is always a better idea, a new opportunity, a thought that comes into the head at night, a day after the set period. Time and budget are the only factors that can stop the developer from improvement. But all these new ideas and concepts to further improve the game are meticulously fixed, and I am sure that many of them will certainly find their reflection in the process of developing the next part of Cyberpunk – the Orion project.

CD Projekt Red is currently working on Cyberpunk 2077 sequel. It is only known that the game is called Project Orion and is being developed in the North American studio. Otherwise, we have nothing to tell us. Most likely, it will be a game that we will not see in the near future. However, after the failure of the Cyberpunk 2077, the studio leadership probably wants the game to be prepared as much as possible for the exit and public show.

Content and support after the start of Soulframe will be similar to Warframe models

Soulframe impressed TennoCon this year by a demo version showing an impressive graphics and gameplay game process. And although the development of the next game Digital Extremees seems to be going smoothly, it seems that the studio is already thinking about the future of the game, because it confirms that Soulframe support will be similar to the Warframe model.

Speaking in the latest issue of Play Magazine magazine (Issue 32, November 2023.), the chief creative director Steve Sinclair said this when he was asked about the content and support of Soulframe after launch.

"Yes. I think that gamers can be fairly tired of some of the existing business models, but I hope that we can maintain a Warframe reputation as a company, where, when something cool comes out, [there is] a general positive reaction: “I can’t” ” Believe me, I get it for free. Okay, I will buy something because I like the developers, or there are terrible cosmetics, and I can’t live without it ”. There are no barriers “.

For those who are not familiar with how the team processes content in Warframe, all the main updates were free, including extensions that added completely new areas of the open world and some other functions.

There are a large number of microtransactions in the form of cosmetics, resources and even improvements, but otherwise the game is completely free, and all significant content is available for free for every player.

These content releases usually come out with an interval of several months, although Warframe entertains players with events and other updates between the main releases. But when the mass loss of content occurs, regardless of how it is adopted after the release, many may agree that the content does not correspond to the standard GaAS release, since this is usually the release of the game, which correspond to the more paid extension, and not free.

Soulframe is currently under development, the exit is scheduled for the end of 2024, and the issue is scheduled for PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

Alan Wake 2 works great on Xbox Series X, and there are some problems on PS5

A new video analysis of Alan Wake 2 from Digital Foundry, this time dedicated to the versions of Xbox Series X and Series S, is impressive: the game showed impressive results on Microsoft platforms, and even on the younger console, it showed good results, and it turned out to be better on the older one, and it turned out to be better. than on PS5.

Digital Foundry unequivocally claims that Xbox Series X is the best version for the game in Alan Wake 2 on consoles, due to excellent performance in quality and performance modes, but also at the Xbox Series S, the game shows positive results, despite the fact that it is very demanding on hardware.

In general, the difference between the modes is repeated: in the first case, the frame rate is fixed at the level of 30 FPS by increasing a number of graphic parameters of a higher level, starting with resolution.

In performance mode, we get 60 frames per second, but due to a decrease in various parameters, such as the quality and number of parts, filtering textures, volumetric lighting, etc.D.

The measured resolution in PS5 and Xbox Series X is almost the same: 1270p, increased to 2160p with FSR2 in Quality mode, and 847p, increased to 1440p with FSR2 in productivity mode, but performance indicators change significantly.

Digital Foundry discovered that Xbox Series X almost stably maintains a frequency of 60 frames per second with periodic failures, while PS5 in some areas demonstrates stability of about 50 frames per second, which is lower than the target value.

Even in quality mode, Xbox Series X stably holds 30 frames per second, while PS5 demonstrates frequent failures in the direction of 20 frames, but often remains at the target level. Loading time on average 2 seconds less on PS5. The version for Xbox Series S, according to Digital Foundry, is also impressive. The performance remains stable at 30 frames per second, and the results are somewhere between the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions.

In general, Digital Foundry considers the Xbox Series X version the best version of Alan Wake 2 on the consoles in general, but even Xbox Series S shows wonderful performance, given the game requirements. Recall our Alan Wake 2 review and our previous video analysis of versions for PS5 and PC.