The developers of World of Warcraft showed new traditional armor for renouncing and night elves

A small article was published on the official website of the game, in which the developers demonstrated the final versions of traditional armor for renouncing and night elves.

To get these armor, players will need to complete the chain of tasks that they can get from representatives of their factions. Read more from the material below:

Hardly your legacy with two new sets of traditional armor – one for that have rejected and one for night elves – which will appear in the game with the release of the content update "The embodiment of rage". In addition, players will receive new skin colors for the characters of the abdicated, and the characters of the night elves – new marks on the face and tattoos on the body.

Traditional armor of the abdica and new skin colors

Players of the 50th level and higher can begin their way to obtain new traditional armor of the defender who have renounced, talking with Lilian OSS in the ruins of Lorderon and starting the task "The call of the dead". Upon completion of the task, you will receive a set of armor "The vestment of the defender renounced", including two bibs, raincoat, belt, boots, wrists, helmet, gloves, stumps, shoulders and a new coat of arms.

Both bibs are interchangeable for male and female characters, and players will also receive a coat of cloth of Podroda in an updated form.

Players who have not completed the chain of tasks "Return to Lorderon", It is necessary to fulfill it before they can start completing a new chain of tasks for traditional armor. To start the implementation of this chain, talk with Kalia Menetil in Orgrimmar.

With the release of update, the characters of the rejoicing will receive five new skin colors to choose from. Be sure to visit the in -game hairdresser to choose a new skin (we were told that they are all very elastic).

Traditional armor of night elves and new marks on the face and tattoos

Players of the 50th level and above can go through a new chain of tasks for obtaining a set of armor "The decoration of the defender Kaldorai". This kit includes boots, bib, belt, helmet, shoulder bows, gloves, chips and wrists. Players will also receive a new title.

To start this chain of tasks, go to the embassy of Stormgrad and click on a scroll on the table to get a task "Combat call".

Attract attention, at the same time merging with nature, thanks to new marks on the face and tattoos on the body. Visit your favorite in -game hairdresser to make a new tattoo – we assure, it does not hurt.

Follow the news on the official website of World of Warcraft to learn more about updating "The embodiment of rage", which will be released on September 6.

Honkai developers: Star Rail in a special video introduce players with the heroine of the Zele

Genshin Impact developers have finally released their new project-Honkai: Star Rail with space adventures on astral express battles. While the novelty collects a record number of active users, its authors are not going to sit back. In order to immerse players in the new world Hoyoverse decided to launch a series of special videos "Closer to the stars", where will the players will introduce the characters and the amazing world of the game. The first issue is dedicated to charming Zel.

Zele is a valiant heroine from Yarilo-VI, who is an active participant in resistance called "Wild fire". In battle, the girl uses a deadly braid and relies on a quantum element. It has high damage to a single goal and can be extremely useful in battle due to passive ability, which gives her additional move after killing the enemy.

Honkai Star Rail is already available for playing PC, as well as mobile platforms running iOS and Android.

A character with a highlight will delight many. In trial mode, I really liked it. But something tells me that now it is not worth spending resources on receiving any characters. It’s better to wait a bit. They will drive something more abruptly a little later. However, this should not surprise anyone, because the same thing was with Genshin.

It seems to me that the name style resembles finals?

I’m generally shocked that this game started to be like. I don’t understand why? I tried it once again on the ZBT, but I did not find a single plus. A dull fighting, where you do not even need to even think, which is already boring already in the 3rd battle. The plot is generally horror. 100500 dialogs about nothing, as if dialogs were written by 5 year old kids, from the first minutes I would like to turn off the sound and skip everything. And the mechanics shows that the game was made by people who never played step -by -step games, just made some kind of show. It is better to play Tainted Grail: Conquest, a great game, atmes, a fight where you need to think through each move, you need to go to this, but for some reason some kind of shit in the anime wrap collects 100 million. registrations out of the blue, and products worthy of their attention are not of such popularity, what is the secret?

Mobile "games" This is not a game of understanding "computer games", these are gambling for money that are quite dejectedly disguised. I advise you to view the reviews on YouTube – there is not about the plot, the ITP combat, but about how to win in "Game casino".

You give a single roof a game as an example, which immediately opens and bothers just as quickly.Immediately, on the contrary, the game is online and free, the first hours as much as 20 there is no longer a mechanic, so that even the last casual mobile gamer is gradually up to everything, and only then complex content begins to prepare and study opponents.Well, jPRG fighting with all the ensuing, not everyone likes it.

Yes, I cited a single game as an example, because Honkai: Star Rail is also solitary and that it is, that it is online? Okay, let’s give an example another pleasant game – ruined king. Here she really fonditions both a plot and a cranes.
And since in the Honka there is no longer a mechanic in "The first hours already 20", then why do you need to do it then? The game should cling in the first minutes, and not after the cloud of time.

It is a pity that there is no PVP of the regime in the game, why collect the top of the characters only to pass the company company, well, this is for yourself, and then it seems to me soon it will become boring.Would add PVP modes for a better variety in the game.I fell out of the Banner for the beginner Velt played, but boring.But for some reason, still pulls to watch videos about this game).

People, with such thoughts you take the path of correction. Remove this trash, it has no future, there are no prospects to play and swing there. When I played Genshin and pumped out the next 5* hero, I thought: "Why do I have all this? Just to see large cynos damage in the dungeon and kill bosses in 10 seconds? " After that, I played for a week and showed off the game forever. I just want to support your message and say that such games without PVP mode, ratings and ranks are obviously dead and useless. If you think about the deletion of the game for a second, then delete without hesitation, you will save so much time))

Well, perhaps they could add a PVP Arena with gladiatorial battles. And the rest of the PVP in a single plot oriented anime game? The fact that there are servants in the game does not mean that the game should have all sorts of online features. This is not MMO in the usual sense. This is another. In fact, the game needs server only to ensure that the Donat system works and so that the players could not re -cover the resources. But in fact, the game is purely plot episodic single like Genshin, the previous major studio project. I see no reason to have a PVP mode here.

But to get some time limited team Evening Dange, I would not mind at all. Several players are united in a group and act together in a fight with a strong boss. In Genshin, this system has proven itself and allows you to slightly diversify hiking in Dange. Although. maybe it is already in the game? I just didn’t get there? Doesn’t matter. The essence of you understand.

This can be said about any game without exception. Over time, any game is bored and it becomes boring. Even the most ingenious game will make you get bored over time.

Actually, people play for the sake of an anime of the plot, for the sake of admiring beautiful outfits, etc.D. If in Gennin he played in order to farm resources and characters, then you really played incorrectly. I won’t be surprised if you and the dialogs were almost dumbfounded in Genshin.

By the way, I saw you under almost many articles dedicated to SR and Genshin, you blindly protect these games and I really do not hope that you will hear me. But I will write more times. In these games, the concept of the plot is conditional. It seems to be there, but it seems not. For example, Genshin is a story about how the character is looking for his lost relative, getting acquainted with the inhabitants of the New World. Here you can make a masterpiece and dramatic, single game of times the developers decided not to add PVP. What we have? Stretched to disgrace, a slurred storyline that is still not finished and it is not known when the end will be. The whole plot is spinning around the fact that no one knows anything. All GG friends use it and manipulate it to solve their problems. And for a year now, such a plot has not been moving from the point. The inconspes are regularly added a bunch of graphomania and "water". Therefore, yes, I dumped the text, but only in some events. The game is weak both plot and technically, in terms of the fact that the hero is almost not voiced, this makes him rudeness, as if he was just a blank. Also, there are few kitszen on the game engine, you are not immersed in what is happening. It seems that here you meet a new hero, show Katssen, all beautiful, cool, and then this character turns into a typical NPC, which simply gives you the quests. And all, you are waiting for the plot for half a year, hawing events stretched for weeks, although they are essentially performed in 40-60 minutes of the total time. That is, the problem of such games is that the heads themselves decide how much the plot you will find out at this stage. On the one hand, they do this so that they can integrate new heroes from new banners there, but on the other, they reach such a moment that they themselves do not know what to write, how to stretch and pour out a ton of useless text, bringing the players to a banal desire to skip. Such a stretch was created only with the aim of making more money on donates. You think that Mikheo made a new game because to take care of showing you something interesting in another setting and mechanics? No. They understand that Genshin has already died out that people are losing interest and stupidly leaves the game. It’s time to make another milking of money and they seem to do it. Millions of people throughout China made pre-registration, naively believing that this is something completely new.

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The developer spoke about the moral condition of the CD Projekt Red team after the failure of the Cyberpunk 2077

After the long -awaited release of Cyberpunk 2077 in 2020. did not live up to expectations, the moral state of the development team "It fell strongly".

So believes Colin Walder, engineering director of CD Projekt Red with more than 15 years of experience in the game industry, who previously worked on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, as well as the Red DEAD RedMption 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5. Recently, Walder spoke to Invenglobal at the Inven game conference in South Korea, where he spoke about the lessons learned from Cyberpunk 2077.

The approach that we used, the way we worked on production, created demo versions, proceeded to flexible thinking and the working process – all this allows us to be at a height in some matters. Take, for example, a console: we must be sure of their performance from the very beginning. For our next project, Polaris (part of the new Witcher Games from CDPR), we are already conducting a demonstration and internal console checks from the very beginning. We took this step only at a later stage in Cyberpunk.

Further, the developer spoke about the moral state of the team in the world after the release of Cyberpunk 2077, saying that it "It fell strongly" After starting the game.

As for other tools or strategies for maintaining the moral spirit after the release, especially after the difficulties that we have encountered, it really was not easy. The most important thing is to admit what happened. We should have admitted that the result was not the one that we counted on, and that we intend to change something.

According to Walder, now the team needs "Demonstrate commitment" these changes, saying that "actions speak louder words".

For example, when the deadline is approaching, instead of returning to "Kranchs", We can say: "Let’s adjust the schedule" or "Let’s go to this differently". As soon as this behavior begins to repeat – as soon as the team sees sincere efforts to prevent the breakdown of the deadlines – then the trust and moral spirit will begin to restore. People should see this to believe in it.

Despite the incredibly stormy start, Cyberpunk 2077 has undergone significant changes in recent years. Along with a large patch 2.0 Studio also released the expansion of Phantom Liberty, which received many positive reviews. Moreover, the company recently announced that to date, 25 million has been dispersed. copies of Cyberpunk 2077, and Phantom Liberty sold 3 million. copies for the first week after launch.

This really looks like a new era for a once -besieged series: there is a continuation in the development, and a film adaptation is also prepared with living actors. It remains only to hope that the CDPR made the correct conclusions and this will not happen again.

The characters are a little overexcited, one of the creators of Baldur’s Gate 3 admits

Baldur’s Gate 3 plays a lot with the sexual side of the characters and romantic relationships that even the developers themselves clearly recognize, given that Adam Smith, the main screenwriter of the game, admitted that they look overtaken.

Smith determined that the characters are really "Too Thirsty", what can be translated as "Too excited", Or something like that. This is a feature that Larian joked for a long time when creating Baldur’s Gate 3, but which was also wisely used in marketing, given the success of the video with the famous scene with the bear.

Many emotional elements of the characters are included in the dialogs within the party. Given that Jaheira is not a character with whom you can enter into a romantic relationship, this is not very frank material. In fact, I understand that in general we made overly preoccupied characters.

Smith said, laughing.

This consideration also applies to many other party characters of Baldur’s Gate 3, since the players also noted that, especially in the first act of the game, many of them are trying to enter into sexual relations at all costs or start a love affair.

Apparently, this is the thing on which Larian especially wanted to play and which is not shy about emphasizing. On the other hand, it is very significant that in "Sexran" Baldur’s Gate 3 already has a new record – a little more than 4 minutes.

Everything is fine. The first witcher began the same. Tits, pussy, sex, candid topics in conversations. Geralt in the game often did not get a sword, but something else. And what, the game lost from this? Yes, it is unlikely.

It is worth recalling the scarecrow of a unicorn. I am extremely interested in how exactly the witcher and Yenifer used it 🙂

There were at least erotic cards in the Witcher

No matter how I love the BG3, but I admit that the Sexual part is better opened in the Witcher at times, because they joked in this part in the witcher, and in the BG3, they are blunting, without humor, and everything is supposedly seriously and beautifully.

Well, so, everything is right, one sword for monsters, and the other "sword" for people.

Only in BG3 for some reason it is brought to the forefront. Even the preview before release was made regarding exclusively romantic relationships. And not groundless, because if you dig, the game has many problems precisely according to the plan of the plot, narrative and role. And the characters themselves. Damn, this is trouble. No, of course there were a large number of amateurs, when all the characters are somewhat chosen and, moreover, the group is equipped only from these, but this is very fivin with D&D.

Honestly, tired of such "News". I don’t know how the rest is, but for 2 passes (the first one threw at the 3rd act) I would not have seen any "concern" And "overexcitation", If the developers had better worked out companions and wrote a normal code that allows them to distinguish friendship from love feelings, and understand where the refusal is, and where is consent. In particular, personally, this applies to Gale, who decides from some horseradish that I have an affair with him, only after I just supported him in a friendly way.

And in both passes, Gail, even after my direct refusal, continued before me "covet" Until the end of the 2nd act, until I started a full -fledged (if I may call it) romance with Sedouhart, who has the only concern is her goddess, but even this is fixable, and he reacted to it as if we were really with him We spent more than one night together, struggling and crossing "swords", but then suddenly I fell in love with him and fell in love with a half -electric.

Seriously, the companions did not really work out in places, this applies not only to the novel, they do not understand anything at all. Want "play playing out" The enemy, agreeing to help him arrange genocide and lure him into a trap? But dick you, "Gale/SHEDOUHARAR/KARLA does not approve", After all, in their opinion, you do not play along. You see a dialogue that looks like a joke, sounds like a joke, even smells like a joke and you playfully answer it, – but not, for companions it turned out to be not a joke, so catch the condemnation. They are not even briefly like "living", Something I do not remember such problems in DOS2 and expected that Larian would not let Larian even here,

And instead of fixing an obvious shortage, at least with novels, the expanses continue to joke "Oh, and we really made them so preoccupied and stupid, funny, is it not true?". No, not funny. And since their asses are still wet from active licking, they are unlikely to correct this soon if they correct it at all. Fortunately, due to the fact that this is still Larian, there is still hope, and in a year and a half, as they usually have, this game will be completely different.

Yakuza producer explained why the series left Japan and went to Hawaii

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth marks a turning point for your favorite Yakuza series, for the first time going beyond the limits of its Japanese roots on the sunny shores of Hawaii. The chief producer Hiroyuki Sakamoto recently talked with The Gamer to talk about the reasons for such a bold step. Although the growing international popularity of the series probably played a role, Sakamoto emphasized that the plot dictated the scene.

According to the interview, the mother of Kasuga Ichiban found a place where you can hide, and this was the most important task. Hawaii with their significant Japanese population is ideal for this. Alternative places for filming, such as Bali, were not considered for long, but ultimately they became spare options, until the team was able to approve Hawaii as an ideal background. Sakamoto admitted that they were not very serious about other options.

The influence of Hawaii extends not only to the narrative, but also to gameplay elements, such as mini-game "Crazy delivery", inspired by the wide roads of the island and the prevalence of Uber eats.

However, Sakamoto explains that the crossing abroad was due not only to international attractiveness. When releasing each game, they are always focused on the plot; They don’t think about the next game. If Hawaii is best suited for the plot, then the team will go there. The team opted for Hawaii, because many Japanese lives there, and because it was the only real option to tell the story that they wanted to tell.

With each iteration of each game that we release, we do not think about the next game. It all depends on the plot. If the game, the action of which takes place outside of Japan, will improve this story and make it more interesting, then we will definitely go along this path. It all depends on what history will be and what we want to tell. Each time we just reboot and say: "Okay, what will be the story?", and then [think] about what place should be chosen to facilitate the narrative.

This attention to the plot continues the emotional rod Infinite Wealth. Fans can expect Kire to face cancer and together with Ichiban will make a list of their affairs. Sakamoto assured the players that, despite the difficult topics, hope and excitement remain the central element of the game, reflecting the resistance of Cyrus.

The island of Dondoko, offering to take a break from the main plot, offers players to clean the island, collection of resources, crafting and even collecting beetles and fish. Although the influence of Animal Crossing is recognized, the main emphasis is on interaction with Hawaiian nature and wild animals, which is quite consistent with the character of Ichiban.

Sakamoto confirmed that the SEGA retro games are returning, and the Arcade Exclusive Spike Out will debut on the console. However, licensed and technical restrictions limit the choice of retro biblioteums. So even outside Japan we will see games from Sega.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is released on January 26 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Unlike Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, it will not be available on Game Pass.

Baldur’s Gate 3 became the most rating PC-game of this year

Larian Studios invested the whole soul in the game in Dungeons style & Dragons, making Baldur’s Gate 3 one of the most grandiose releases of 2023. And she just took first place in the ranking of the best computer games this year on Metacritic.

Baldur’s Gate 3 relative to Zelda in the ranking of the best games on all platforms, having received 96 points. However, if you look only at the grades received on a PC, and not on consoles, you can see that the Larian Studios masterpiece takes first place. Now it has 97 points, ahead of the Street Fighter 6, which has a 92 -point rating. If the game continues to grow rapidly in Steam charts, Baldur’s Gate 3 can be the best game of the year on any platform, whether it be a console or PC.

After 73 hours I passed the first act. Sven. Live for a long time with your team. Thank you for my mother gave birth to you and you didn’t go like some chess to play. and met with DND

They will play chess and after 1000 years, and no one will remember about this in 1000 years.

Purely shifted like Tod at a presentation, go further in chess.Mamkin Sader

Maybe the protocol was captured by Todd and therefore he is everywhere actively heitite the game?
And do not forget that the protocol has already passed the game so, so..

In fact, he is fat for not the first week, and you are.

There is nothing to do for 73 hours even if everything is covered all-all. 33 Yes, 73 no.

But how to understand which act, where is it indicated?

I am very happy for Larian, in 2017 I got acquainted with their game Divinity: Original Sin 2 and she just demolished my head, every year I return to it, having heard this divine music and gets goosebumps in my body, played about a thousand hours every hour of continuous pleasure!
I was looking forward to Baldur’s Gate 3 and this is just ahritis!

Divinity came out of them again, in zero somewhere. RPG in almost style diablo2. Despite the schedule, it dragged out very well. Only the ending is getting along.

It was just in the zero that was a second-rate product, then Neverwinter Night and Dungeon Siege were completely in 3D and the plot, and not 2D springs and so on from the 90s !

Only then this was a poor studio that published its first game, and not biovars, who already had experience and sale. Yes, and in the first divinity, the plot and production is no worse than in the first nonsense (in additions the situation is better, but still).

And in the first divinity the plot and the production is no worse

You fantasize there was no such thing))

The first tender is still the one !

Starfield, campaign, an extremely high bar set up. It’s even interesting what ratings will be there. But. Baldur was given to evaluate in early access for almost a year, and Starfield "Guess what will happen". Intrigue.

Skyrim in space? )

Starfield will not have such ratings trite due to the technical condition and lack of a bunch of localizations (not only English)

Worse, Fallaut 4 in "space" and with bugs of all their bumps called "games"

Starfield has his own atmosphere. There are boats, planet generation, etc.P. Cosmos lovers will come in. They play Farframes, but the game is just a grind when you go through the whole plot

I would better compare with No Man’s Sky, because the warf is about the fighter and the grind and there will definitely not be in Starfield

The game of a hundred hours has already passed in a week? Or only on the first act everyone? The first act is good, everyone already knew it, but about the second and third I didn’t hear anything in the news.

Farmers of the newsletters only write the news quickly, otherwise the traffic will leave.

I have already played at me at 100 hours, and I just got out of the first Loki and it seems to me to the gate for how many dozens of hours. So "Game for 100 hours", This is perhaps for "Spiderers", who just run a game

Here, but already a verdict throughout the game is

What did you do there for 100 hours? For 20-23 I drew all the Loki in 1 act and handed over all the quests

I have more than 60 hours to closing to the second location

The second is great too.

Oh, God, how cool it is that the developer received well-deserved attention and respect.

The new generation simply does not know what real, high -quality classic RPG is. Since the DA Origins, nothing of the kind has come out (I don’t take little -known low -budget crafts in the calculation). Hence the well -deserved delight. Thanks to the Larias for reviving the genre. Maybe now other studios will begin to do not action with elements, but real roofs. After all, it turned out that the people did not all dull and reached.

And here is such a Pastfander, a disco orzium, a divinity of Orijinal Sin 2 and a bunch of other cool RPGs, I’m not talking about jrpg, we went to dick.

Other studios did and continue to do. Just who is able to notice the current what is on the hype.

I’m not saying, for me, a masterpiece decade. Undertale

All except DOS are low -budget games, and speech for AAA

DOS is also a low -budget game, money was collected for it on a kikstarter

That is, the person is not aaaaaaaa. So you need AAAAAAAAAAAAA

But not Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Here are all sorts of Arkanums, Fallauta 1-2, Neverkens, Plankeip Turkhm. All this is garbage. Not aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. So not RPG.

I don’t understand why you need to include the brain in BG3? There is a pure elementary. Puzzle with a choice?)) Kill, do not kill?)) There is enough for the spinal cord fighting. For me the whole game is pure hype. Yes, great RPG, good balance. But, screaming dozens of times on the day in the news, is already nauseous from this.

But in profits are inferior to donate garbage.

Most of the singles of profits are inferior to donated garbage dumps

Donate garbage dumps and did not lie nearby with donate garbage dumps.

Downloaded from torrent, slowly began to play (for an hour 2 played). Meanwhile, on PG: Baldur’s Gate 3, Baldur’s Gate 3, Baldur’s Gate 3, it was bought, I went bought a game, I will play first)))

So this is the essence of marketing, in particular, so aggressive, you went and bought this isometric distanny in 2023. Overhape game is like hinting.

What do you think, if I didn’t like the game, I would buy it?) Go to the feces of duuti play.)

I wanted to explain to you the difference between advertised donate garbage dumps and high -quality RPGs. But Fixflow’s answer is extremely exhaustive.

The game is luxurious, even against the backdrop of the Divinity Original Sin 1 and 2, I loved, for me now one problem is how to play other games now? They will lose to her in everything, in the variability of situations, in the number of interesting characters, epic moments, and such a game will be released when not soon.

Life. I didn’t want to play after RDR2, now the awesome CRPG came out, which lifted the bar to the level unattainable for other studios: D

The most anticipated game of this year for me is Starfield, but Baldur in principle dragged on the game not badly like the Starfield’s exit is there something to play, and in the future there will be something to replay on a new one, the game deserves to be remembered for years on the plain with others Great games!

Starfield – this sorry the product from the anus of the goblin is not worth attention)

Friend, tell me where I got such outfits?) Or it is mods?

This is a modur’s gate 3 "Full equipment basket (SFW and NSFW)", there is a tth site in files, there, a person under a comment wrote how to put a mod manually and will work everything, if you need to put it, you can put it on everything on everything from the strength there is not difficult, if something is the NSFW version, there is everything there

Ready to argue that Starfield will be a full fox.
Todd Howard will row the money of fools-pre-orders with a shovel.
Modders will patch up and finish what the gazebo did not finish.
And Xbox fans will cry and look at the Soniboi playing Baldurs with envy.

A simple example of how to make games. The game has been worked out? -Yes. Optimized? – And how!

yes, it is not particularly optimized

Well, after a pair of patches, the FPS surviva disappeared after a while, and always 80-140, otherwise it fell in 3 hours of permanent game up to 20-50FPS

Compared to others. I would say this and the releases should look, but small firing bugs, a couple of patches and everything is ok, and not like a piece of code, buggy for the opening, and which to finish at least a couple of years.

Reach the second and even more so terrible act, bees, then write about optimization, lol. Licked only the very beginning. Further – worse. But, thank the gods, only in technical terms. In all other aspects there is a straight exlet in the good sense of the word.

Listen enough to play on annurators

Candidate for the game of the year, I suppose.

Very joyful news to me. I really wanted to play, that is, there was no desire earlier, because I did not see that very game. So she came out. I have been playing for the third day) I slowly delve .

The game is certainly good, but such a hype was divorced around her. I think it’s already too much. There are still disadvantages in the game and there are not so few of them. Apparently people were so hungry for good strong games that a completely strong game, not without minuses. Ready to bother to heaven. Personally, I’m more than 8.5 I would not give a game. well, maybe with a 9-ko stretch. But definitely not 10 and even more so not 11, as many here praise.

There are bugs. There are no perfect games. Something is not localized, where the camera is flexit. Yesterday, I sailed from the subway on a boat in a make -up from a boat, or as it was there and in a dialogue with the goblins in my back background dancing Karllai)) it was wildly funny

People are hungry for good strong RPGs, the genre is dead by and large, I have recently become the feeling that even RTS is now more produced than normal single -singal RPGs. All filled online garbage dumps.

I’m silent that the game is compared with other genres.

Yes, and there are bugs here. Okay, it would be a T-pose or something like that. My halsin does not leave the camp, the entire grove of the grove is littered

I’m even interested in if the gate is simple "Strong game", What it means "good game" In this genre? I hope not a straight line like the trial rails with near -Stoleva variability or what is still considered the games of the RPG genre, assassins? Gov?

There are no good RPGs for me, because I consider it good to the one where you can completely break the narrative and either kill everyone, in general, or go completely without murders. For example, I killed Tifling that I had to advance. Laesel and I got up at this moment. The new point did not appear. And there are many such moments. This is a minus for me. Assassin is RPG? Dont know. I thought it was just a game with an open world and a loot that mows under the RPG. From solid RPG to mind, fol 2, Arkanum and tyranny. It seems that the last was called the last.

Let’s hope the game is good.

So – the 3rd act I went to Bardel View videos. But there are no videos. Current darkness and voice and text read about what is done with the hero!! – The second while the kasyak in the game, what I got to the bottom of the spit. The first is my mistake when I created a male character and now I endure the whole game to the tackles of all the characters to him – not only female sex.

Haha, it is right that I created a female))

Oh dud, on the second point it is straight to the point, and wildly infuriates, and this is not a choice, this is a full -fledged story, t.To. They don’t ask you, you are harassed.

Yes, no, there is a choice, because you can say no or yes. After all, how did you write you – they are at home, and not silently plant something – somewhere 🙂 About the agenda, yes, here it is indisputable. Sadness of course, but such is reality.

I somehow wrote about the agenda games, the same pitchfork as the BG3, the same KP2077, assassin, mass effect, etc., mnu was cut, like there is a choice, you do not understand. Although I really don’t understand anything, the same chorizon was signed by 100% agenda, but the above games are not, although there is the same choice in xs. I personally consider xs the agenda garbage can not at all because of an innocent kiss, the game itself is all saturated with unhealthy, mutating feminism. In general, I don’t. I don’t understand why it is possible here, it is impossible, here is the norm, there is no.

You do not think that in fact, your vision of the situation is no different from the SJW who has gone that see the HARARASME. Well, like flirting is not equal to harassment, in fact this is the teiks of the goals of Twitter and Tiktoka, in which ZhPa is on the fact that they approached them on the street or happened in the gym "Eye Contact"

Well, you said everything correctly, it remains either to enjoy the fact that in the game there is, in addition to the agenda, or to bomb, bike and go to play the turmoil, there definitely will not be a story, as in other things and everything else 😉

PS: I agree about Horaison, the game for blond -haired girls

Well, there is nothing in it to be 8-9-10 . Maximum 7 .

Like a year has already ended. but in fact there are a lot of competitors? (I don’t perceive ZELDU at all). People generally have already moved once by a nearby BG and Street Feiter -_-, this is approximately like a list where in the first places there is always Maycraft, FIFA and Mario.

For everyone there is a top game of the year, well, (it seems to me) you need to share the top in genre form, and not stupidly here is the game of the year and does not bother.. For as a remake of the year, the Yab voted by the Resident Evil 4, as the adventure game Hogwarts Legacy (provided that the first project of the studio, not without flaws, but the game shot all-and. Coope game this year -dead Island 2 . Disappointment of the year -star Wars Jedi: Survivor or Forspoken . as you can see, one straight top (as well as disappointment) is no longer possible. There are still not understandings with the release of Stalker 2 (well, for someone this is the expectation of the year), well, I also forgot to mention that in this year I came out as if atomic heart ..

I’m just shocked by this game, my first dd game in which I have been playing for so long. No words, only positive emotions. There are such moments when you need "Think out" and when you manage to make it a game of you rewards you. Another game that costs all your money.

After 2 3 days, what kind of fufleo will come out and everyone will scream LLC Game of the year, I do not pay attention to the purple atomic garbage on these ratings. Baldur Gate 3 shit 100%

Compare Agusha gaming Zelda with a full and serious project of Balda 3, well, this is somehow incorrect. The same as making a comparative test for a children’s machine and a full -fledged car.

Ahah, serious game. BG is stupidly pieces of the agenda text and a set of views from above, which are not suitable even in Zelda’s outlets.

The cubes system of these are such nonsense. Quests are primitive. In general, it’s not bad, but frantic delight in the media is incomprehensible.

In each game where there is interest, it is used "cube system". cube system is what the games were built on and cost

What is the difference between 2D4 damage and 2-8 damage? and between 1D20+10 and "75% of success chance"?

And the quests are so primitive, only one quest with grove already has at least 5 passage options, which also have consequences further. where are these primitives to "Kill 10 wild boars and tell me or no" 🙂

The difference is that the games explain it and still try to minimize its influence. In the same DOS from the Larian, all the chances are clear and explainable. And here a huge number of mechanics affect a chance, which the player does not show at all.

Do you want to hit a neutral mob from the back in close combat? MMMMMMM, Chance 40%! Why? Because!

And this is not to mention the passive rand, which is here in the literal sense at every step.

Okay okay, for those who are unfamiliar with the DD system and does not want to understand it, the rules are really not quite obvious in the game. But I note, this is only for those who, in principle, is too lazy to try to understand anything and turn on at least elementary logic

We will remove the brackets that anyone can simply score in YouTube "how getting into the DND", Find a video for a couple of minutes in which everything is intelligibly explain and continue to play further. But, we play the game, then it should be in the game, and it turns out if you turn on the logic at least a little bit, it turns out in the game itself everything is written.

You want to know the chance of getting what you need to do for this? Well, probably, like in any game, to visit the armor, and lo and on a miracle, they write a class of armor in the dials, for example KB 12 at the armor, then, without leaving the inventory right under the hero, a shield is drawn, which will not see only the blind, and there Also written by KB, but already 16, which means all that we need to do is to press the letter T that we are taught to press from the very start of the game, if you do not miss the training, and a more detailed window will open, where it will be written "The higher you have armor, the more difficult it is for you to get", We fix it, then it is written there "12 from armor" And "+4 from dexterity", But this does not give us anything, as we will understand from these Tsifs how much we are protected. You probably need to look at what we do damage, and lo and on the miracle, it is all in the same inventory, literally under the shield, "Bonus to the attack", And if you go there, then the window will come out again in the cat painted what kind of bonus we have for every weapon for hiding, let’s say it is 12. Now, using logic, we make simple calculations:

Armor 16, to break through the armor, we need to throw out the number 16 and higher during the attack, we have a total bonus on weapons 12, which means 16-12 = 4, which means to get along the enemy, we need to throw at least 4 on D20. They write about this at the very beginning of the game, if you don’t skip the training, or it can be seen in the fighting logs, after any attack, comparing what the game writes, and the game paints everything completely, not just the dials, but +2 dexterity, +3 bonus skills, + can be from a buff some and t.D.

Is it difficult? For beginners, it is natural. But if you are too lazy to google, understand and read training, there is a plot mode, but for some reason people put a difficult complexity, do not try to understand anything in mechanics, and then they complain that everything is obscene and their bear rape

Thank you for clearly described what exactly this system is bad and why no one does it like that. Suddenly, people playing the game do not want to open an encyclopedia, and before each blow they do not check with 20 dialogs and write out the parameters. Perhaps this is really interesting and works in a board game, but when you visualize it in the game, it comes out absurdly. And what, lower complexity removes this random? That’s for some reason in DOS I had no such complexity of such questions. And judging by the number of criticism of this particular fighting, I do not have one.

Yeah. 14 assessments of users in total. A bunch of refounds, online is rapidly falling. More than 10% of negative reviews.

Make a nudity both of the sawing and puberty will drag.

Well, after 30h, I saw this nude, in the form of a naked yellow brown orc woman, mmm duplicate top game, only for the sake of this I played, did not then play, deleted it

If the people are gobbled Arachnids, then they deserve it once this step -by -step, they are praised, I hope not for a long time

I support, step-by-step is the bottom of the fallen industry

Now everyone who is not too lazy will begin to pour their step -by -step crap

Look in the dictionary what stagnation means, and this is really a real role -playing game, where the player has an absolute influence on the world, as for the step -by -step battles, the brains are needed here, and not just the mouse to death click the enemy.

Shurui from here, the serpentine of horseradish

You missed something. I’m far from board games. But you missed the topic. Sweet comments scribble under the action. There ATles Fulen there for people like you went out, the top game)

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CD Projekt Red said they have planned new projects with the creators of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

In recent weeks, interest in Cyberpan was revived against the backdrop of a hype around the Cyberpunk 2077 and his plot addition to Phantom Liberty. It seems that those who want to plunge deeper into the universe will have many ways to do this – and not only in games.

For example, anime was released last year "Cyberpank: running around the edge" gaining wide fame and developed by Studio Trigger together with CD Projekt Red, and it seems that these two companies are cooperating over another project, although there are practically no details about it now.

During a recent presentation for investors, answering the question of how the CD Projekt Red plans to develop the Cyberpunk franchise outside the games, the company’s commercial director Mikhal Novakovski pointed out the recently confirmed film adaptation created in cooperation with Anonymous Content, and suggested that there were under development and other similar projects, which cannot yet be officially announced.

Yes, we have plans. That is why we began to cooperate with Anonymous Content. We want something to happen. Much is happening, much is planned. We agreed with Trigger back in 2018, but "Running along the edge" started only in 2022, so for several years we did not talk about it, because it was not ready. There are plans that we prefer to be silent until something that can be discussed, until there is really something that can be discussed, a specific announcement. When the time comes, we will tell you". I know that I am repeating, but yes, the general direction is this – to go this way, it is strategically important for us.

Meanwhile, the chief creative director Adam Badowski added that CD Projekt complies with the rules of official announcements acting on the partners with whom she works – in this case, this is again Studio Trigger.

It is also important that Trigger, our partner, has certain rules for announcing projects, and we must comply with them.

Naoi weapons, card size and not only. New details of Assassin’s Creed Red appeared on the Web

A day after the message of Tom Henderson, who allegedly revealed the identity of one of the two main characters of Assassin’s Creed Red, new rumors appeared on the network about the next big chapter of the saga about hired killers from Ubisoft.

This time, the author of the information was J0nathan, known for his enthusiasm for Assassin’s Creed. According to J0nathan, one of the main changes that the fans always asked for is a decrease in the number of markers on the map. Now the game will have much fewer famous interrogative signs.

The card will also be less than in Odyssey, and will be similar to Elden Ring in terms of player navigation. Assassin’s Creed Red will hold the player’s hand much less, allowing him to independently explore the area. In the graphic plan, according to the author of the leak, it will exceed the latest franchise games, with better visual study. Nevertheless, according to him, she still will not reach the level of graphics that was observed in Star Wars Outlaws.

New gameplay opportunities:

  • Sekiro style hook
  • It will be possible to lie down, like in Metal Gear Solid
  • You can hide in various types of vegetation
  • You can hide in the shade and blow out the torches to create places for shelter
  • Various types of weapons: kunai, shurikens, smoke bombs, etc.D.
  • Positioning system, as in Sekiro, to remove enemies from balance
  • Asigar, enemies with firearms

Another innovation will be a spying system. The maps of enemies will be located on the map, in each of which the commander will be located. You can invade the camp, kill the commander and pick up the loot, or spare him so that he becomes a spy for you, giving information about the upcoming missions, both main and secondary.

In conclusion, I would like to note that all this information is not confirmed by Ubisoft, and therefore should be treated with caution.

Nomura promises that in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth the heroes will not be able to deceive death: “The one who dies does not return”

In the classical Final Fantasy VII 1997, not linked in spoilers ten years ago, the key member of the team dies halfway games in a shocking moment that all players are remembered.

One of the main games of the next year for PlayStation gamers is certainly Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. The sequel is intriguing many, although it is interesting how much the storyline will differ from the original, given that the remake has already gone its own way and is connected with Crisis Core, a prequel that came out after the first FF7. Many events can change, especially the fate of a particular character. However, director Tetsuya Nomur made a statement from which it follows that the approach to the game will not change.

Nomura explains that the topics of life and death are central in the game, and, in his opinion, loss is what is happening unexpectedly. The reality of death is that a person will never return. That is how, according to him, "I think that in this game a person who is dying should not return, and this is what we did in the original".

Of course, Nomura does not call a specific name, and there is no confidence that the same person will die in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. It is possible that Square Enix will decide to change in this alternative version of history "target". The only thing that Nomura said accurately was that the deceased person will not be able to return. In short, it is confirmed that no one will deceive death, because life is the central topic of the game.

Starting with the original Final Fantasy VII, when we started working on it, it was already decided from the very beginning that "life" will be the central theme of Final Fantasy VII. I knew that we should imagine life and death in this game". Before Final Fantasy VII there were other games in which the characters experienced a tragedy, but many of them returned to one degree or another or returned to life. But I think that the loss is something that happens unexpectedly, not so dramatic and for a long time, but so that the person you just talked with is suddenly leaves and no longer returns. I think that the character who dies should not return in this work, and this is what we did in the original.

New details about Stormgate: resources, units, macro and micro, crypts and campaigns

In a conversation with Back2Warcraft, the expected RTS Stormgate Kevin gameplay "Monk" Dong told some new details about this game. We have chosen the main one and a half hour interview. It is time to learn a little more about technologies, units, races, creeps and campaigns in the game from Frost Giant Studios.

Graphics and technology

Stormgate is inspired by Blizzard RTS and should please players who like Blizzard RTS. The game is not trying to be the next warcraft or the next Starcraft, but instead tries to be something unique. The game will differ from the mentioned games as much as they differ from each other.

Over the past year, the development has seriously advanced. Almost the entire faction "Humanov", She is also resistance, already ready.

The game will work on tikraty 64. This means that every second the game will read information about the teams coming from the player 64 times. For comparison, in Warcraft Tikrat-8, in Starcraft-Two-22.5.

The main thing in the schedule is readability. At the same time, the developers still take into account feedback and make amendments on the basis of the feedback. In addition, more cartoon graphics will not look outdated after many years.


The campaign can be played alone or in a coopeous for three people. The campaign will be made in the spirit of RTS from Blizzard. Developers try to find a balance between format missions "Build the base and destroy the enemy" and missions with other goals.

The state has people who worked on "Missions for a new" for Starcraft 2; Probably, some ideas from that set of missions will be used in the Stormgate campaign.

It is also planned to add seasonal campaigns to the game to maintain the interest of the audience.

In early access will only be a campaign for resistance.


The game will have 2 types of resources: the primary resource is Luminite, the secondary resource is Therium. It’s like minerals and gas in Starcraft, gold and wood in warcraft. Therium was inspired by the Command series & Conquer. Monk noted that in the creation of the resource system, developers were largely inspired, among other things, Age of Empires.

At the beginning of the game "Terium generator" located in a sealed state; Players need to attack it to access this resource. After "printing" The generator begins to generate Terium Druz, which appear not on the basis of players, but on the map. You can send workers to these Druze so that they get a resource. A different number of workers can be sent to the production of terrium, depending on the situation (unlike, for example, gas in SC2, where a maximum of 3 workers mines one gazylek).

The deposits of the secondary resource will not be on the basis of players, but on the map. This is done for two reasons. First, so that the cards look more realistic. Secondly, the developers were inspired by carddlades from Brood War, which are constantly experimenting with resources on maps and make mineral walls or locations without gas fields, and so on.

It takes a lot of time to get the Terium’s production (specifically for the resource from the deposit) "distance". At least in the case of the resistance fraction. Probably, other races will get this resource somehow differently.

The standard luminite deposit contains 4 Druze. Each new worker increases the speed of the resource, but by a lower percentage than the previous worker. For example: the first worker produces 100 luminite per minute, the second produces 95 luminite per minute, the third – 90 luminite per minute. And so on. This gives opportunities for optimizing the economy (distribution of workers according to different DRUZs), and the economy becomes less sensitive to HARASS – the loss of 50% of workers does not mean a loss of 50% of the income.

It is planned to make it that resource mining mechanics in different races will vary.


Crypes camps will be on the maps. FGS believe that the concept of control of the territory is very important for RTS, so players will need to fight each other for these camps. Cliping will give bonuses of three different types.

First type of bonuses: additional resources.

The second type of bonuses: an additional building appears on the map, the control of which is beneficial to the player (as an example, the green-naga tower from Starcraft 2 was given).

The third type of bonuses: buffs that will not affect the interaction of units (that is, there will be no buffs like +1 to protection), but which can, for example, affect the speed of the production of troops and workers.

One of the battles from the demonstration of gameplay

Crypes will respond so that the players always have an additional incentive to fight for something on the map. What kind of bonuses this or that camp gives is known in advance.

The landscape plays an important role in the game. For example, only small units will be able to go through certain types of vegetation. According to FGS philosophy, players should always have an incentive to go to the map and do something there.

Macro and micro

There will be a lot of macro in the game. But the developers try to introduce solutions into the game that will simplify this process (UI, "Mechanics of forgiveness" Like Terranov Extra-SapPlaces from Starcraft 2).

The game will have a lot of micro. Time to Kill Factor is about 2.5 times higher than in Starcraft 2 (for comparison, in WC3 TTK Factor is about 3.5–4 times higher than in SC2). Thanks to this, there are more opportunities for micro, and the game does not so much and quickly punishes the player for errors.

There will be mechanics that will allow "Cambet", If macro sags. There will be games of the game, more oriented to micro.

Races and units

Races will be very asymmetric.

Resistance is the most understandable and easy to master the race. She has enough standard mechanics and strong enough, durable units. The race has a defensive game, many units have different modes and their own specialization. Subsequent races will be more and more original; In them, players will see mechanics who probably have not previously met in RTS.

Atlas on the principle of operation resembles a siege tank from SC2 and a catapult from WC3. In the layout mode, he shoots energy balls. In combination with a dropshop called EVAC, this unit can be used for Harass, which already resembles river from Brood War.

Vulcan is a unit, the main task of which is to deal with small flimsy units. Applies AOE-dron in a straight line, but the attack begins with a delay in the promotion of a machine gun. Therefore, in certain situations, it can, for example, reject. Unit can also jump with a jet engine, while getting the opportunity to go through friendly (and only friendly) units and sending the first enemy unit to the camp, which falls under this "Blink". After studying the special grade, Vulcan can destroy the trees.

Many units will have abilities that can be unlocked by studying various technologies. For example, Med Tech can treat biological units and increase their protection – this is its first ability. The second ability is called nanoswarm; If you cast it on friendly unit, then around it will form "cloud", which will restore the hitpotes of friendly units; If you cast it on enemy unit, then the same cloud will apply ao-won. The third ability is an AOE display that disperses the debuffs on friendly units and buffs on enemy units.

The developers adhere to the systems of tyir, as in Warcraft 3, there are three stages of technological development.

EVAC is a dropship, the peculiarity of which is that it can unload units for a considerable distance, and also take them from a significant distance. Made with an eye on a prism from Starcraft 2. Monk compared this EVAC capacity with a mini-tank. Also, Evak, like all other flying units of resistance, has the ability "Return to the hangar", which gives the boost to speed and returns Unit back to, in fact, the Hangar Bay – this is the name of the building in which flying units are produced). This ability was inspired by the mechanics from Company of Heroes. Unit returns to the hangar and there completely restores HP, but the player cannot use it until he is completely restored.

Each faction will have starting units for reconnaissance. In resistance, this is a dog called S.C.O.U.T. As a fighter Khumanovsky Scout is very weak, but some kind of damage can apply. He has a passive ability that works similarly to the sensory tower of terrane from SC2 – it discovers units in the fog of war, but does not show what kind of units this is. The second ability allows the scout to increase the viewing radius so that it is equal to the radius of the previously mentioned "sensor". Later, with the help of special scout upgrades, you can turn into combat unit. Well, another dog-scout is a mechanical unit, so it can be repaired by workers.

Demons will be a gragor -like race – in the sense that their strategies are built on throwing rivals with meat. "They are ready to sacrifice any number of units to achieve their goals" (c) monk. Monk also noted that demons will be able to sacrifice their own units in order to get some kind of benefit. Monk said that this race will constantly step on the opponent’s territory with the help of mechanics called "Demonic curtain" (Demonic Shroud), but did not tell what the essence of this mechanics is. There is a suspicion that this is something like a Zerni crypt from SC2.

The quality of life

There is no mandatory task for FGS at some point to switch players from the PVE content to PVP. On the contrary: for players who like to play PVE more, there will be a joint mode and there will be seasonal campaigns. But at the same time, for each game mode there will be separate tutorials designed to help players get comfortable in the game.

Stormgate will have automated control groups that will automatically add new units to bandages immediately after they appear on the map.

Function "Fast macro" (Quick Macro): If the player wants to build some kind of building, then he can do this through a special panel in the interface. The game itself will automatically select a worker who to entrust this task. This will not always be the most optimal choice, so there is an incentive to choose the right workers yourself, but this simplifies the life of inexperienced players.

At the end of the conversation, Kevin thanked the community for support and emphasized that the game is still in development: the developers constantly try new iterations for various elements and come up with something new. "We work very quickly, but we need to do a lot more" (With).